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Spawn structure from inventory


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Hi! I'm able to export and load a structure so that it is generated as part of the world generation. But I'm wondering how I would go about spawning the same structures from inventory. I'm thinking either creating an item that spawns the structure on right click, or placing a block and clicking on that. But what I am not sure about is how to actually spawn the structure from these events.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

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Thanks for the reply. So I should have mentioned that I am on 1.18.2 - which means Place doesn't exist - I think PlaceFeature is the equivalent. What I am unsure about though - I already have structures correctly spawning as part of the world generation. They are of type StructureFeature. When I try to use the PlaceFeature command in the console - these do not appear in the list of potential features to spawn. So I'm wondering if that is going to be the right path to go down...

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Since I don't write mods for 1.18.2 anymore, i use code 1.19 for the following explanation. i hope the classes exists and the code work

first of all you need to call Structure#generate this will return a StructureStart. Before you continue make sure StructureStart#isValid returns true.
Then make sure all Chunks in the BoundingBox of the Structure is fully load. Then call StructureStart#placeInChunk for each Chunk which is inside the Structure BoundingBox,
therefore you can use something like this:

BoundingBox structureBox = structureStart.getBoundingBox();
ChunkPos minPos = new ChunkPos(SectionPos.blockToSectionCoord(structureBox.minX()), SectionPos.blockToSectionCoord(structureBox.minZ()));
ChunkPos maxPos = new ChunkPos(SectionPos.blockToSectionCoord(structureBox.maxX()), SectionPos.blockToSectionCoord(structureBox.maxZ()));
ChunkPos.rangeClosed(minPos, maxPos).forEach((pos) -> {
	// load structure here 

Note the BoundingBox of StructureStart#placeInChunk is not the Structure BoundingBox it's the BoundingBox of the Chunk in which you currently generate the Structure,
means you need to create inside the #forEach a BoundingBox for the current chunk pos from the min x, y, z to the max x, y, z
should be looks like this:

new BoundingBox(pos.getMinBlockX(), ServerLevel#getMinBuildHeight(), pos.getMinBlockZ(), pos.getMaxBlockX(), erverLevel#getMaxBuildHeight(), pos.getMaxBlockZ())


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