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forge 1.19 -41.0.110 crash


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hello i have a problem with two mods only, i'm actually just trying to have some chill survival with a few mods to change the game a little and i end up not being able to play at all because of optifine and jei (just enough item) and if i take them out of the mod folder the game start no problem but that make it difficult to play with the mod bc it has a lot of craft and things that the book of the mod doesn't explain you how to craft even for just the book i had to look it up on yt that why i would like to have at least jei i never played modded minecraft without it bc mods doesn't always take you by the hand to show you how to do things so yeah here is my problem i tried allocating more RAM to the forge config it's currently at 6Go and still crashes if someone think they can help me if i provide crash report of the game just tell me and i'll do the screenshot and send them. thank in advance for those who iwll try to help me


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well i can play without optifine that not a problem but that doesn't fix my jei problem both optifine and jei crash my game when i launch with only jei in my mod folder the game doesn't want to launch it's always says this:

The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.ModLoadingException: Just Enough Items (jei) encountered an error during the common_setup event phase Code de sortie : -1

idk if that can help but i personally doesn't understand a things and if you need the crash report text just ask for it and i'll copy paste it or if you need for something specific in the crash report tell me where to look and i'll try to find it.


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it's just fixed by itself ig i had a corrupted jei mod because i just downloaded another one the exact same one and this time it's worked no problem

well sorry for taking up you guys time for nothing guess i just had a bugged or corrupted files

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