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[WIP] [1.7.10] Space Distortion Mod - Stargates and TARDIS's


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This is a mod I've been working on for a while now at a _very_ leisurely pace (I have a life!) and it's very early in development -- so it probably won't be complete for several Minecraft versions.


So, this mod will include 2 main game-changing features around the theme of bending the minecraft world -- a fully-functional Stargate, and the ability to build structures that are bigger on the inside using Time Lord tech (like the TARDIS). Yes, you read that right. Additionally, there will be a special device that teleports entire structures (groups of blocks) between chunks, as well as changing the time of day (simulating the time-travel effect), which would allow you to build your very own version of the TARDIS. Details:


The Stargate

This is the feature that I'm working on first -- and it's getting along pretty nicely. Like the TV series, each stargate has an address, which is a series seven symbols, combined from the 39 possible symbols. Instead of pointing to a planet, it points to a specific chunk. If there's a stargate in that chunk, you can "dial" it from another stargate, and a one-way stable wormhole will connect the two.

I'm also planning on having ancient ruins, each with a stargate and lots of treasure; however, some will have a list of stargate addresses to other ruins.



Taken shamelessly from the Doctor Who franchise, Time Lord tech will allow you to build structures bigger on the inside -- it could look like a humble mud hut from the outside, but when you look through the door, it's a haughty mansion. Additionally, there will be a device that teleports an entire structure to somewhere inside a specific chunk, mirroring the 2nd main feature of the Doctor's ride.


Here's a brief list of what I've done so far and what I'm planning on:

- A coordinate system for the stargate (7-symbol addresses made up of 39 possible symbols) Complete

- The fully functional stargate itself: WIP

- Transport rings: Complete

- Ancient ruins: WIP

- More Stargate tech, like staff weapons, trinium tools, and naquadah-fueled generators: Not started

- Time Lord tech: Not started

- A device to teleport structures into somewhere inside a given chunk: Not started


In its current state, it is not fully functional on the dedicated server yet, but it will not crash it. Decorative blocks, anyone? :P


Downloads (Forge required)

0.3.0_alpha 1.7.10

0.2.0_alpha 1.7.10 1.7.2

0.1.0_alpha 1.7.2



(placeholder textures)



The DHD GUI of a stargate dialed out



An inactive Stargate



An active Stargate



2 linked transport rings about to swap inner blocks and entities


This is an open source project, so go ahead and fork it. Or star it. Or watch it. Or something.


I like to make mods, just like you. Here's one worth checking out

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