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  1. Thank you for the reply! I saw that on the worldedit github, but I've no idea how to compile source or do whatever else needs to be done to make it work, lol. For now, however, it looks like MCPC+ should work for me. I've heard it causes excess lag, so I'll be keeping an eye on that. The only problem I'm having now is that for some reason Millenaire decided it doesn't want to work on the server, even though the exact same package works fine in Singleplayer... >.> I saw that you said you are still working on getting FE1 ported to 1.6 and 1.7. If that has basic worldedit functions (like making lines of blocks and copy+paste) then I may just use that once a port is available.
  2. Well, considering that FE2 is now confirmed dead, it looks like the only option is to go try to use MCPC+. Good luck all. Llurendt, CEO, Avuzo Enterprises
  3. Hello! I am attempting to get WorldEdit functionality on my 1.6.4 FORGE server. I have spent a couple weeks playing with and trying as many solutions as I can and have come up with only a couple that might remotely work. SPC managed to get WE to work with forge, but is only SP as far as I can find. Bukkitforge died. MCPC+ has compatibility issues from everything I've seen and heard, though it is on my list to try if I can find no other solution. ForgeEssentials, while it looks amazing, has not yet released for 1.6.4 and there is no timeline or word as to when it will be. I saw someplace where someone said "forge has modloader built in - just drop WE into the mods folder". Doesn't work. If anyone can please provide me with assistance, either in the form of a link to a MOD that provides basic WE functionality, or a link to instructions on how to get WE to work with a 1.6.4 Forge server, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Llurendt, CEO, Avuzo Enterprises
  4. This mod seems like it could have a use on a small server, but what happens if one of your players wants to join after the server shuts down? Automatic restart is probably a function that would receive wider use and appreciation.
  5. Nice progress update! Hopefully I will soon be able to understand what it all means! (I have a feeling that if I examined it closely, I can figure out the gist of it, though, haha.) I look forward to using your mod as it continues forward in development. Faithfully watching, as always, Llurendt
  6. Sweeet! I'm glad to see that you're making substantial progress! Keep up the good work!
  7. Very cool dungeon setup! How randomized will the dungeons be, if at all? Will it be easy for mod veterans to find their way around them? Glad to hear you brought another person aboard! If and when you guys accomplish your vision, I am certain this mod will put your names out there quite a lot! Good luck! I'll be watching. >.>
  8. Heyo! It's been a while since I checked on the mod, but the quest system sounds great! Still making good progress, I hope?
  9. Llurendt


    Pretty cool mod, but I wish the clock was analogue rather than digital, lol. Also, Sun dial!!
  10. If anyone has not yet, you really should download and test this mod out! It is not yet complete and still has a lot of features and balancing forthcoming, but it is extremely promising! I am watching avidly.
  11. See, backpack mods only INCREASE the number of available slots... I want to have the option of reducing/restricting them.
  12. Also, thank you for the answers! I have to say, I'm pretty darn excited, haha.
  13. Quick Bug Report: Apparently crashes with forge http://www.scribd.com/doc/164107542/Server-Log http://www.scribd.com/doc/164107490/crash-2013-08-29-18-50-04-server The server seems to run with an empty mod folder and that version of forge, so I don't know if there's some other incompatibility there. I'm also new to forge/bukkit/administration, so it could just be that a newer version of forge can't work with mods that use an older version, haha. Anyway, included the server.log and the crash report it generated.
  14. Realism certainly has a great value to it. As for me, I couldn't even click on the videos after I saw the background images and how colorful the tracks were, lol. Good luck!
  15. Hello! The general premise (adding things to MC that are missing) seems pretty cool, but what, exactly have you added, and what is on your list TO add? You post is very hard to get into, as you hide everything in spoiler tags. I suggest writing up the general premise of the mod as well as what, exactly, you have added and what is going to be added outside of spoiler tags, then have images and videos within those spoiler tags as well as the copyright/legal stuff. Good luck! I'll be watching.
  16. Oh My God! This mod is even better than I had imagined! Seriously, this looks amazing and is something I have been looking for for a long time, haha. I have a couple questions, if you don't mind... 1) Will the mod be compatible with both Survival mode AND Adventure mode? 2) What sorts of spells are implemented/planned? 3) How easy will it be, if at all possible, to make modifications to things like weapon/spell damage, armor values, stat levels, and any other variables? 4) You mentioned Ghosts, but what other creatures are planned? Do you have any boss creatures in the works? 5) Do you expect to be able to support MC 1.7 or newer versions very easily? 6) What sorts of mods will conflict with this one? Which sorts of mods shouldn't? Huh.. That seems to be a bit more than a couple questions, haha. Sorry about that! Anyway, I'll be downloading and testing soon! Thank you!
  17. Yes. I want to be able to set the number of inventory slots that players on the server have. The method can be through a config or a command, either way.
  18. Haha, sorry for the confusion. I want there to be basically only the hotbar initially, but MAYBE have the ability to put on a backpack to carry say... 6 slots or something. I feel it would add to immersion, haha. Of course, That would probably be a separate plugin/mod/whatever.
  19. This mod looks like it adds a lot of very pretty blocks! Good job. Some of the blocks seem like the textures are too detailed to use with vanilla minecraft, but it still looks interesting.
  20. This looks really cool! I hope you can keep up the good work and become good competition for Glacticraft, as their space stations are not a good option for PvP servers.
  21. Lol, cool, I'm glad to hear it! I'll keep an eye out here to see how progress is coming along.
  22. Hallo! This seems quite... interesting... and grubby. You should consider putting in a full description of what the mod is, a list of current features, and a list of features coming in the future for those of us who never came across the first Molecraft. ^.^
  23. Hm... That COULD pose a challenge. I'm trying to think what all it might interfere with... probably things like optifine or whatever, where it shows all the blocks to the right when you open your inventory? I would hope that as long as no other mods affect what the inventory screen looks like, there should be no possibility of conflict, right? I just had an idea spark... Would it be difficult to make it add an item that when worn on the chest slot adds a number of inventory slots? I imagine that having to modify direct minecraft code would increase the chance of anything fancy breaking things like that, no?
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