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Forge 43.1 Minecraft 1.19.2


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Forge Version: 43.1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2


It's that time again, a RB for 1.19.2. We ment to do it last week but ran into a couple issues with DFU. Which have been resolved.
There isn't much difference between 1.19 and 1.19.1/2 so most mods should just work. Yes, we know there is a new chat reporting system in vanilla. We WILL NOT be touching this. We are not in the position to be removing/modifying vanilla. Especially for things related to community safety. Lets leave the subject there.


  • Update Recommended Gradle to 7.5
  • New event to monitor when chunks enter 'limbo' states, where they are still loaded but queued to unload.
  • Now allow Network Channels to see if they are registered on the other side using non-Forge controlled mechanisms.
  • New HolderSet system allowing tags/registry references to be combined in logical ways.
  • New event to manage Toasts
  • Added ability for mob effects event to modify icon positions.
  • Added new permissions node for using entity selectors in commands to allow users to use them without being ops.
  • New hooks to allow controlling of entity and block outlines.
  • New custom item usage animation api.
  • New API to managing custom icons on maps.


  • Fixed issue loading natives from classpath during dev on certain non-standard setups.
  • Fixed Allay's not firing Mob Greifing Event
  • Fixed action bar text not having shadows.
  • Fixed Dedicated Server installs not using JarInJar properly.
  • Fixed Item Entity bobbiing.
  • Fixed PotentialSpawns Event not firing.
  • Fixed issue where custom step up heights would cause you to step down while sneaking as well.
  • Fixed concurrency issue related to EventBus enhancements.
  • Fixed some vanilla particles not rendering correctly after they move.
  • Fixed some entities not respecting custom Shields.
  • Fixed AnvilUpdateEvent not firing unless both input slots are filled. It now fires when only renaming an item as well.
  • Fixed loading dimensions with removed or modified chunk generators.
  • Fixed loading saves with removed dimensions.
  • Fixed issue in dev where .DS_Store and other hidden files would cause ResourceLocation errors.
  • Fixed issue where vanilla custom payload packets would fail to send when in LAN worlds.
  • Fixed vanilla issue where enchantments would fire twice if on players when they normally couldn't be (Thorns on a weapon for example)

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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