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Savage Realms #1 On Minestatus! Join Today!


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Hello Guys, Do you need a server To play

on and never change? Then join Savage Realms and begin your biggest

adventure in minecraft!


We have 4 servers. Main, Rpg, Pvp And Hungergames! All our servers are in top on http://www.minestatus.net That's because Savage Realms is the best!




Main is like ''a little of everything'' Play.Savagerealms.net

Rpg ''More of Quests/dungeons'' Rpg.Savagerealms.net

Pvp ''100% pvp and factions'' Pvp.Savagerealms.net


Hungergames! sg-hg.net <- go in there for information


The Servers have:



- That's right dungeons! We have created several dungeons both PvP and

non PvP for everybody! Do a puzzle, slash your way through monsters,

complete trick jumps, or get a party to hack and slash your way to the

loot chests at the end!


CLANS - Join a clan or start your own to

take part in the ongoing clan warfare of our server or just build a base

and go complete dungeons together!


LAG FREE - Proud to say we

our without a doubt one of the lowest lag servers out there! Just ask

our members. Everybody who joins is astonished at how our server runs

nearly like single player compared to the lagfest which most other

servers are.


ANTI CHEAT - We have one of the best anti CHEAT

systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server

not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does

manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned. Once again, ask our



EVENTS/TOURNAMENTS- We frequently have PvP

tournaments and both PvP, PvE, and other events. The server has a blast,

and the admins love to set new stuff up.


VIDEO/TRAILER - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UleUr8w3Fk

Second Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FggTJ7TKoOs

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