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[1.6.4][1.6.2][1.5.2] [Forge] [SSP/SMP] Expanded Rails Mod v1.3


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Expanded Rails Mod v1.3

~A Smokesick & BlazeAxtrius Collab~



Team :

Smokesick - Coding, Texturing, Exporting, Ideas, Organizer

BlazeAxtrius - Coding, Texturing, Ideas


Special Thanks to:

Microjunk for supplying us with a particular piece of code


Drackiseries for making a mod spotlight of the mod - Youtube

HardKorePanda for also making a spotlight of the mod - Youtube


!The Bold Name is the respective person's Minecraft Forums name!



With this mod you can have more rails. It adds a lot of new rails that you can play with and some of them have special properties. The rails can be crafted from diamond, obsidian, all types of wool, emerald and more. It adds a new crafting table and new items that are used for the rails. There are 2 types of rails(normal and mono rails). You can also see all the recipes, items and rails that are added.


Youtube Spotlights:










Link to the mod : click here



1. You must have forge http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Installation/Universal

2. You must have the mod dowloaded

3. You must place the downloaded mod rar file in the "mods" directory of your Minecraft Client. Typically it is as follows (---/appdata/.minecraft/mods).

For server support you must include the downloaded package in the "mods" folder of your Forge Minecraft Server.


Downloads :


Latest Version of Expanded Rails Mod:

Expanded Rails Mod (v1.3) - 1.6.4 http://adf.ly/XVxxr

Expanded Rails Mod (v1.2.2) - 1.6.4 http://adf.ly/X9JvX

Expanded Rails Mod (v1.2.1) - 1.6.2 http://adf.ly/UqjH5

Version History/Older Downloads:

Expanded Rails Mod(v1.2) - 1.6.2 http://adf.ly/U2j3d


Expanded Rails Mod(v1.1) - 1.6.2 http://adf.ly/Tm651


Expanded Rails Mod(v1.0.1) - 1.6.2 http://adf.ly/TYBtt

Expanded Rails Mod(v1.0.1) - 1.5.2 http://adf.ly/XIj8S


Expanded Rails Mod(v1.0.0) - 1.5.2 http://adf.ly/TXGUm


You can download the mod from here too.

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