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World Loading Error - Modded 1.18.2

Nero Toge

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I've been playing on my modded singleplayer world for a week or so and earlier I was yet again playing but I had something to do so I Saved and Disconnected then closed my game (keep in mind I had no issues whilst ingame beforehand). After a while I relaunched the game but added the Hole Filler mod for helpful purposes. The game loaded and I tried joining my world but this appeared. I've removed the mod and it's config but It still wont work, any ideas?


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54 minutes ago, Luis_ST said:

Please post debug.log from the logs folder.


I don't seem to have a "debug.log" file
Unless you're talking about that "latest" file. I checked it's properties and it doesn't have debug anywhere in its name.

Also I removed a few mods and tried again but an interesting thing happened. The world doesn't show up in my game but it does show up in the files. It's just empty though.

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