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Major FPS issues on High-End PC

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Hi everyone. I got some bad fps issues whenever i use the Vanilla client or Forge mod. (45-70fps)

I got a RTX 3080 and an i7 11k

I tried the Lunar client and got better result (100-140fps) and Badlion was way better. 

Specially on Badlion the game has insane performance, +500fps,4k, no lag, 120hz but i DONT WANT to use this client. I would like to use Forge. 

Already tried to go into the NVIDIA Control Panel and allowed full acces to the "javaw.exe" and made it the default executable for Java in the Minecraft Laucnher

Can someone explain why i got such a difference in FPS please ? 

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1) Don't use pirate launchers
2) The FPS number is a lie and is often times flat out written random numbers by 'performance' mods.
3) Said 'performance' mods also tend to just not run 1/2 the game. So while you may have a lot of 'FPS' things like furnaces or entities simply don't simulate.

Minecraft is not a well written game. Its getting better but its still the same basic engine its been for the last 10 years. As long as you can play it smoothly, you shouldn't care about that random number on the f3 screen.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Yeah for sure, i will delete it. But i dont figure it out how can i get a game so smooth one side (120hz+V-Sync+VRR), and litterally 60hz on Forge and Vanilla. 

I really would like to go on Forge. And trust me its not all about the "FPS number" like you said. I can fell my game is blocked to 60hz, even with v-sync off

Thanks you for replying me. :)

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