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Bug with my Block


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Hey everyone,


So, as a side project to my regular mod, I've been making a "Simple Blocks" mod, which just adds bock to creative that have block textures. Have a free example!



You'll notice my floating signs, telling me which block is which. The reason I have floaty signs is because of an "Invisible Block" I added, which works (to some description). You'll see what I mean by that here:



My blocks are simply registered under the net.minecraft.block.Block.class. with this:

invisibleBlock = new Block(invisibleBlockID, Material.iron)


My question is; is there a way to have my block completely invisible (except for the wireframe), without it making everything connected to it invisible too?


That is all



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Override this method in your block:


     * Returns true if the given side of this block type should be rendered, if the adjacent block is at the given
     * coordinates.  Args: blockAccess, x, y, z, side
    public boolean shouldSideBeRendered(IBlockAccess par1IBlockAccess, int par2, int par3, int par4, int par5)

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When using BlockGlass the block will have glass-like properties you may don't want to have, like the loss of the block when you break it in survival. What's the problem with creating a class? :)

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I was given a challenge to use the least amount of classes as I possibly could. At the moment I have two, and I was trying to stick to that. My textures also don't work in new classes, but I believe that's a bug in the version of forge I have, as I'm not using latest.

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do they all have the same block class ? like is that a multiblock, because then i could understand why you would not want to create a new block...


anyway you can always reimplement the method that gotolink talked about


if you're using the Block class withotu anything else you can always just override the method gotolink pointed dynamicly, you wouldnt need to create a new class.




how to debug 101:http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Debug_101

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