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games doesnt open up (mixin error but dont know what mod causes it)


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games doesnt open up, tried with many mods, didnt worked, heres the forge 1.18.2

also i tried different forge versions here is the log:

flush now
Starting TLauncher 2.86 RELEASE
For more information, visit https://tlauncher.org/
Startup time: 21/10/2022 03:38:01
Running folder G:\.minecraft
Machine info: -------------------------------------------------------
Windows 10 10.0, Java 1.8.0_281, jvm bit x64, 16309 MB RAM
java path=C:\Users\Joaquin\AppData\Roaming\.tlauncher\jvms\jre1.8.0_281\bin\javaw.exe
AMD Ryzen 5 5600 6-Core Processor
 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 12172 MB
Selected locale: es_ES
[Downloader2] Loaded configuration: good
[Updater] Requesting an update...
[Updater] Requesting from: https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/lch/update_2.0.json
[Updater] Making request: https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/lch/update_2.0.json?version=2.86&client=ca5db0f2-e59d-4302-8f2e-ef9bb281dcaf
[Browser] Loading resources...
[Browser] Loading background...
[Browser] Cleaning up after loading:
Starting garbage collector: 35 / 194 MB
Garbage collector completed: 18 / 242 MB
[LocalVersionList] Base directory: G:\.minecraft
[ProfileManager] Refreshing profiles from: G:\.minecraft\TlauncherProfiles.json
[AdvertisingStatusObserver]  started to get ad information
[GsonUtil]  request to https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/libraries/org/tlauncher/authlib/libraries-1.7.json
[Updater] Request time: 317 ms
[Updater] Successfully requested from: https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/lch/update_2.0.json
[JFXStartPageLoader]  start load page: https://page.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/configs/client/index_es.htm
[Browser] Running in JavaFX Thread
[Browser] Preparing JavaFX...
[Browser] Initializing...
[AdvertisingStatusObserver]  finished to get add information
save profiles
[Swing] Favicons loaded: 256px, 128px, 96px, 64px, 48px, 32px, 24px, 16px
[REPO][SERVER_LIST_REPO] Success: Reached the repo in 171 ms.
[Downloader2] Loaded configuration: good
[JFXStartPageLoader]  succeeded load page: https://page.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/configs/client/index_es.htm during 4
[Browser@2146405015] Loaded successfully: "https://page.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/configs/client/index_es.htm"
[Browser] add listens into server_choose
[Browser] finished listens into server_choose
[Frame] Packing main frame...
[Frame] Resizing main pane...
Updater is already closed. Showing up...
Visibility set.
[VersionManager] Refreshing versions remotely...
[REPO][EXTRA_VERSION_REPO] Attempt #1; timeout: 20000 ms; url: https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/versions/new4/
Started! (5554 ms.)
[Loading] SUCCESS
[TLauncher] show tlauncher!!!
[REPO][OFFICIAL_VERSION_REPO] Attempt #1; timeout: 20000 ms; url: https://launchermeta.mojang.com/mc/game/
[REPO][EXTRA_VERSION_REPO] Attempt #1; timeout: 20000 ms; url: https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/versions/new4/
[REPO][SKIN_VERSION_REPO] Attempt #1; timeout: 20000 ms; url: https://repo.tlauncher.org/update/downloads/versions/new4/skin/versions/
[REPO][EXTRA_VERSION_REPO] Success: Reached the repo in 206 ms.
[REPO][SKIN_VERSION_REPO] Success: Reached the repo in 182 ms.
[REPO][EXTRA_VERSION_REPO] Success: Reached the repo in 185 ms.
[SkinVersionList] Got in 230 ms
[ExtraVersionList] Got in 250 ms
[REPO][OFFICIAL_VERSION_REPO] Success: Reached the repo in 461 ms.
[OfficialVersionList] Got in 510 ms
[Version:1.12.2-forge-] Resolving...
[Version:1.12.2-forge-] Inherits from 1.12.2
[Version:1.12.2-forge-] Resolving...
[Version:1.12.2-forge-] Inherits from 1.12.2
[Version:1.18.2-forge-40.1.0] Resolving...
[Version:1.18.2-forge-40.1.0] Inherits from 1.18.2
[Version:1.18.2-forge-40.1.84] Resolving...

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