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Textures not recognized after upgrading from 1.19.2 to 1.19.3


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So, after reading all the "debacle" happening with the support for both minor versions, I decided to upgrade my project to 1.19.3

I managed to fix everything after upgrading forge and the mappings, everything works now except not a single texture gets recognized. This is the error it gives for all items and blocks:

[00:12:28] [Worker-Main-11/WARN] [minecraft/ModelManager]: Missing textures in model chrmscmds:testitem1#inventory:      


I used both addcreative and buildcontents to make and use a custom creative tab (which is working)

Everything else is as its supposed to work on 1.19.2 with the jsons under resources/assets/mod_id, the models themselves being recognized and blockstates working as they're supposed to.

I also have stumbled upon ResourceLocation but I'm not sure if that's the way to go.

Has anything changed on .3 in regard to resource locating or I'm just dumb?



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On 12/25/2022 at 3:05 PM, ChampionAsh5357 said:

Your item and block textures need to be in textures/item and textures/block respectively. Mojang changed how textures are loaded to improve performance, meaning it will only recognize the above two locations unless otherwise specified by the resource pack.

That's where they are now, inside resources/assets/mod_id/ (unless I did not understand soomething in which case sorry)

I tried changing the name from plural to singular (textures->texture, blocks->block) but still does not recognize the textures

EDIT: Okay that was the error. I have come back to my mod after a month and I forgot I had to change the texture json file from plural to singular too, so you're right

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Thing is, in my cit/item folder i used to have seperate folders for every item i changed, not only to easily find them again when needed but also because some of the items i changed by name are the same base item like netherite tools for example.

This change basically made it impossible to have multiple textures named for 1 item due to not being able to have the same named .properties files in the same location.
Unless there will be a modded support for it like optifine or CIT resewn or any of the other CIT mods could allow for files to be read beyond just the cit/item and then your image and properties files.

What i have (and maybe loads of other people do to is assets/optifine/cit/item/(name of item changed) and then the properties and image files.

I don't know about all of this for sure i made this conclusion after some testing i did but to me this appears to be the problem, i'd really like to be proven wrong on this to be honest.
Otherwise we'd have to wait for CIT mods to update to read more files than minecraft its-self allows.

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Not sure if this help, because I am not familiar with what you are talking about.


The release notes for 1.19.3 explains the configuration file for where minecraft looks to populate each atlas.

Search for atlas here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-java-edition-1-19-3


This is the most recent default/vanilla configuration of the block atlas texture locations: https://github.com/misode/mcmeta/blob/assets/assets/minecraft/atlases/blocks.json

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If you don't post your logs/debug.log we can't help you. For curseforge you need to enable the forge debug.log in its minecraft settings. You should also post your crash report if you have one.

If there is no error in the log file and you don't have a crash report then post the launcher_log.txt from the minecraft folder. Again for curseforge this will be in your curseforge/minecraft/Install

Large files should be posted to a file sharing site like https://gist.github.com  You should also read the support forum sticky post.

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That helped loads actually, after i looked through the way Minecraft now looks at its item directory it is more restrictive then before 1.19.3 but still very stable.
I think the main issue is that the average CIT user tried to find out what happened to their textures and why some may have worked and some didn't.

The problem for most people seems to be that the files they use to seperate what items they use seem to have spaces in the name and minecraft will no longer read that.
And the main thing i figured from the directory is that even within your CIT file you will now need to copy minecraft's normal directory.

Where before you could just have random names and spaces in your file names in CIT you can no longer do this,
the simple solution is just to change your files to assets/optifine/cit/items/specificitem

So now in CIT you'd need to make an items folder so minecraft can still read it and have no spaces within the next folder that contains your texture and properties file.
Mojang did indeed just try and optimize the directory process by limiting what it can search for and find.

So as a final example to anyone who has this problem after changing to 1.19.3 and hasn't found out what happened yet.

Change your file directory to,

assets/optifine/cit/items/(specificitem)/    And within the specific item folder you created for your texture you put your properties and png files. Keep in mind it won't recognize space bars anymore.

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