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IDEA for client side Custom blocks, Based on ITEM/BLOCK names?


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Ok, this is my first post, and in my haste of joining the forums, after only a few days ago picking up client side forge for the first time. I have not done a lot of research.


My Idea is to basically create a client side library of item graphics, armor graphics, clothing, etc etc etc. And instead of making a servermod for the server, we allow the server to Select just Name items, with nametags, or whatever they do to make an item.


The client mod, when it recieves the name of the block, also hooks into its library to first check for a custom name, if yes, then it checks the type and id, against a clientside library, displaying the appropriate graphic. rather than the default minecraft.


The reason i suggest this, is that it would be compatible with any kind of server that could name items, and would allow for a host of new item graphics without ever having to touch core server files since item naming is pretty much here to stay. This could allow for a HOST of interesting new client side mods. if you are only looking for the visual aspects ofcourse.


What do you think? or has this been done?

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Ok, I acutally started looking at the tutorials this afternoon. but could this theoretically be done as a mod that uses forge? You can remove the post from here if its the wrong place, i can restart another post when i have learned a little bit more. Forgive the newbishness.

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