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Tile entity syncing problem


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I'm trying to send tile entity data from server to client using a scheme modelled on the one used by TileEntitySign. My TileEntity class has a getDescriptionPacket() method that returns a Packet250CustomPayload. When the client receives this, it finds its version of the tile entity and updates it.


Most of the time it works, but when the client initially connects to the server, some of my tile entity packets arrive before the Packet51MapChunk containing the corresponding block ID, so there is no tile entity there to update. If I create one of the appropriate type and put it there, it gets wiped out when the block ID arrives later.


Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong? Are there any examples around that show how to do this correctly?


Code follows:



This is the code in my tile entity class:


public Packet getDescriptionPacket() {

return Utils.packetFromTileEntity(this);


In my Utils class:


public static Packet packetFromTileEntity(TileEntity te) {

NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();


return packetFromNBT(0, tag);



public static Packet packetFromNBT(int type, NBTTagCompound tag) {

ByteArrayOutputStream bytes = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

DataOutputStream stream = new DataOutputStream(bytes);

try {


NBTBase.writeNamedTag(tag, stream);


catch (IOException e) {

throw new RuntimeException(e.toString());


byte[] data = bytes.toByteArray();

Packet250CustomPayload packet = new Packet250CustomPayload();

packet.channel = GregsBlocks.channelName;

packet.length = data.length;

packet.data = data;

return packet;



public static NBTTagCompound nbtFromPacket(Packet250CustomPayload pkt) {

DataInput stream = new DataInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(pkt.data, 1, pkt.length - 1));

try {

NBTBase tag = NBTBase.readNamedTag(stream);

return (NBTTagCompound)tag;


catch (IOException e) {

throw new RuntimeException(e.toString());



In the client side of my mod class:


public void receiveCustomPacket(Packet250CustomPayload pkt) {

int type = pkt.data[0];

switch (type) {

case 0:






void handleTileEntityPacket(Packet250CustomPayload pkt) {

NBTTagCompound tag = Utils.nbtFromPacket(pkt);

int x = tag.getInteger("x");

int y = tag.getInteger("y");

int z = tag.getInteger("z");

World world = minecraft.theWorld;

if (world.blockExists(x, y, z)) {

TileEntity te = world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y, z);

if (te != null) {







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