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Help with entity Variables


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I am trying to make mobs, that have a certain number of times they can do a task. I have completed the first one and it works fine, but the second one won't work.

Here is the code in the first one:

public void aiStep() {
        if (!this.level.isClientSide) {
            int i = Mth.floor(this.getX());
            int j = Mth.floor(this.getY());
            int k = Mth.floor(this.getZ());
            BlockPos blockpos = new BlockPos(i, j, k);
            if (!net.minecraftforge.event.ForgeEventFactory.getMobGriefingEvent(this.level, this)) {
            if(workTimes > 0) {

                BlockState blockstate = ModBlocks.SLIME_LAYER.get().defaultBlockState();

                for (int l = 0; l < 4; ++l) {
                    i = Mth.floor(this.getX() + (double) ((float) (l % 2 * 2 - 1) * 0.25F));
                    j = Mth.floor(this.getY());
                    k = Mth.floor(this.getZ() + (double) ((float) (l / 2 % 2 * 2 - 1) * 0.25F));
                    BlockPos blockpos1 = new BlockPos(i, j, k);
                    if (this.level.isEmptyBlock(blockpos1) && blockstate.canSurvive(this.level, blockpos1)) {
                        this.level.setBlockAndUpdate(blockpos1, blockstate);
                        this.level.gameEvent(GameEvent.BLOCK_PLACE, blockpos1, GameEvent.Context.of(this, blockstate));
                    } else if (this.level.getBlockState(blockpos1).is(blockstate.getBlock())) {

                        if (this.jumping) {
                            int size = this.level.getBlockState(blockpos1).getValue(SlimeLayerBlock.LAYERS);
                            int newsize = size + (Math.round(random.nextInt(0, 18) / (10 + size)));
                            if (newsize>size) {
                                BlockState higherslime = this.level.getBlockState(blockpos1).setValue(SlimeLayerBlock.LAYERS, Math.min(newsize, 8));
                                this.level.setBlockAndUpdate(blockpos1, higherslime);
                                this.level.gameEvent(GameEvent.BLOCK_PLACE, blockpos1, GameEvent.Context.of(this, higherslime));

The variable is the "workTimes" one.

In the second mob, this code seem to never go into the if block:


protected ParticleOptions getParticleType() {
        if(workTimes > 0){return ParticleTypes.HEART;}
        return ParticleTypes.ITEM_SNOWBALL;

I don't know why it is working in one mob but not the other.

Here is my full source code, if the code above isn't enough.

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The purpose of this forum is to answer questions about forge/minecraft.

It's not here to give you free code reviews. Or to let you proxy the work of debugging your mod to us.


Since the question looks like a trivial logic error, I will answer it.

But in future your question should be about forge or minecraft, NOT your code. Otherwise, expect to just have your question ignored as off topic.


Here you don't enter the loop that calls that method if spawnCustomParticles() returns false which is the default


Your "broken" mob doesn't override that method so it too will return false and not spawn particles.



If you don't post your logs/debug.log we can't help you. For curseforge you need to enable the forge debug.log in its minecraft settings. You should also post your crash report if you have one.

If there is no error in the log file and you don't have a crash report then post the launcher_log.txt from the minecraft folder. Again for curseforge this will be in your curseforge/minecraft/Install

Large files should be posted to a file sharing site like https://gist.github.com  You should also read the support forum sticky post.

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I didnt know a forum about forge/minecraft wasnt about coding a mod for forge/minecraft. Wont happen again.


PS: Thats not the error. Particles do spwan, just not the right ones.

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