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162 textures not loading in released .zip -- works fine in eclipse


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Hi all...


More strange issues with updating to 1.6...


My textures work/bind fine while in eclipse, but in the released mod loaded into a MC instance, they don't load properly.


output error is as follows:

Client> 2013-09-21 19:32:04 [WARNING] [Minecraft-Client] Failed to load texture: ancientwarfare:/textures/models/crafting/teCivilEngineeringStation.png
Client> java.io.FileNotFoundException: ancientwarfare:/textures/models/crafting/teCivilEngineeringStation.png


Even stranger...it is only textures that are used for models, and not blocks/icons...




textures are located in the .zip at assets/ancientwarfare/textures/*


I can verify that the textures are in the zip, in the proper locations -- they just won't load properly with the released/obfuscated mod.


Any ideas?





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If you ahve a packaging issue, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS post the package.

Seriously it 1000x easier to check the issue directly then it is to speculate over the internet.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Thanks for the responses guys...I found the cause of the issue though after a bit of extra investigation.


Essentially it boiled down to me having an extra '/' at the start of the path when I was creating the resource locations for model textures.  Not precisely sure why it would work fine in eclipse and not when packaged, but changing '/textures/'  to 'textures/' on my bind call eliminated the issue.

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