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Please help forge keeps crashing during early loading process

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1 hour ago, Shihab yusuf said:

i can give more detail if needed

Never hold back details, errors can happen for a zillion reasons.

Post your debug.log on a paste site and link to it back here please.

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From the launcher, click Installations near the top, then when you point (not click) at the Installation that's giving you problems, there will be a little folder icon on the right side.

Click that, and it will open a folder. in this folder, is a logs folder, go in there. Here you should find a debug.log file.

It helps posting it to a paste site, because then you can view it without formatting so it preserves line breaks etc., where if you post it on here, well, it's quite a pain to read. After posting it, you just copy the link to it and paste it on here, and people can check it out and hopefully give you advice :)

I prefer gist.github.com myself, but any site that can handle your debug.log should be fine, hastebin, pastebin, etc. etc.

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Create a github account, if you do not have one.

Go to gist.github.com

Drag & drop the debug.log into the text area, and it will fill it in for you. You can also give it a name/description/etc.

Click the create gist button at the bottom right

Share the url of that page here, there's a dropdown button (I think it starts with 'Embed') that has shareable link option.

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