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Duplicate Delegate Error

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I'm somewhat new to modded minecraft, but I am starting to get really into it. I have a particular issue that threw me into this rabbit hole (Duplicate Delegate error) which I hope I'll be able to learn how to solve by you guys, but in general, I really wish to learn how to read, understand and fix things myself. Unfortunately, I've been very unsuccessful in finding a lot of helpful material online. So here I am, ready to bother you nice people... ;_;

Crash report: https://pastebin.com/nSVZQQWY

Debug log: https://pastebin.com/x48sj3x8


The issue is that hovering the storage drawer in your inventory when it contains certain items (in this case a Nether Star), will make the game crash with a -1 error. I understand that the particular mod causing the crash is Snownee's Drawers Tooltip. I wish to keep this mod, but it appears that I will have to edit some config files in order to do so... since I've learned that it's just their IDs which might be overlapping (?).

I have, however, also read that newer versions of minecraft shouldn't have this overlapping issue, because their names changed from numbers to words (like, stone used to be 1, but now it's something like minecraft:stone). I've read a post on another website which recommended using Eclipse to edit those IDs will help, but I don't know how to navigate that program. It's all a mess, eheh. :^)


So yah. If a kind soul would be willing to patiently help me understand what is wrong and how I could possibly solve it, I'd be forever grateful.

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The debug.log doesn't seem to contain any errors and the crash report looks like a problem with the mods that needs to be reported to the authors so they can look into it and fix the issue.

It sounds like you've been using too much ChatGPT - item IDs aren't used for rendering tooltips ;) 

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