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Where do I place my textures, and how do I use them in-game

Blade Avuari

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I am unable to figure out how to use the textures I make (I.E. what folder I put them in, and what to do to access them.)

Can someone supply the information on how to do this?

width=300 height=100http://i.imgur.com/ivK3J.png[/img]

I'm a little surprised that I am still ranked as a "Forge Modder," having not posted a single mod since my animals mod... I have to complete Digging Deeper!, fast!

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at the moment i do not use forge for textures. but i can explain it with modloader for u. this is only used for normal items/blocks not metadata items/blocks: first the textures or textur folders come into bin/minecraft folder i think. in the folder where the texturs come are two other datas and there comes the textures. an now i explain it how to use textures in your mod. i make a new mod data for this you only have to reformat it:    package  net.minecraft.src  public class mod_Test extends BaseMod  {        public static Item testItem = new ItemTestItem(itemid).setItemName("testItem");  public static Block testBlock = new BlockTestBlock(blockid, 0).setHardness(5F).setResistance(5F).setStepSound(soundStoneFootstep).setBlockName("testBlock");    public void load()  {    ModLoader.RegisterBlock(testBlock);        ModLoader.addName(testBlock, "The Test Block";  ModLoader.addName(testItem, "The Test Item";  }      testBlock.blockIndexInTexture = ModLoader.addOverride("/terrain.png", "/TestBlock.png");

Crazy Brain...

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here is the rest of the testcode. combine them: testItem.iconIndex = ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png"), /Testfolder/testitem.png");      ModLoader.addRecipe(new ItenStack(mod_Test.testItem, 1), new Object[] {  "#", Character.valueOf('#'), Block.dirt  });    ModLoader.addRecipe(new ItemStack(mod_Test.testBlock, 1), new Object[] {  "##", Character.valueOf('#'), Block.dirt });    }      }    this was the code. and you need to reformat it i hope i could help.

Crazy Brain...

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Yeah it is far easier for Forge.


Just put the texture in your mod jar.

To reference the texture and attach it to an item or block instance, just do:  myItemOrBlockInstance.setTextureFile("/myTexture.png");


Change the "/myTexture.png" part to be where it is in your mod jar file, such as if you have it in a subfolder of "my/mod/and/whatever/myTexture.png", then in the setTextureFile call just do:  "/my/mod/and/whatever/myTexture.png"


Please do not be showing ModLoader stuff here if possible, those ways are generally broken and more difficult to use.  In the case of ModLoader.addOverride, that is horribly broken.  There are a very limited number of sprite indices and they get used in in just a couple of blocks, thus *never* recommend addOverride, it is horrid.


For note, in MCP when developing I have it in my "MCP/src/minecraft/where-ever" and it is equivalent, it is part of my normal code tree.

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I know how broken it is but i think and this is the way how i use it. do it first with modloader and when it near to release time than change to forge. why this? because you can never know if there comes an update/new problems in that time you build your mod. my mod work with modloader. but soon i change to forge (really easier to make).

Crazy Brain...

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I still need help with this, seems the only Tutorials I am finding are for Modloader. ( I am well verse in modloader).


However I want to learn FML, so taking methods one at a time. Right now I seem to fail at loading custom textures for my items. This is my code atm...


package mod_AsgardShield;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.Init;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkMod;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry; 
import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.LanguageRegistry;
import net.minecraft.src.Item;
import net.minecraft.src.ItemStack;
import net.minecraft.src.Block;

@Mod(modid = "Jade_Knightblazer", name = "AsgardShield", version = "1.3.2")
@NetworkMod(clientSideRequired = true, serverSideRequired = false)
public class mod_AsgardShield {

public static Item AsgardShieldWoodShield;

 public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event)

	 AsgardShieldWoodShield = new ItemAsgardShield(400).setIconCoord(1,0).setItemName("WoodenShield");

	 GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(AsgardShieldWoodShield), new Object[]
			     "XXX", "XXX", "XXX", 'X', Block.dirt
	 LanguageRegistry.addName(AsgardShieldWoodShield, "Wooden Shield");



Where woudl I place  the code for loading an ItemSheet.png AND will it work for thoses that use HD images later?

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