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Trouble with server client sync at my Transdimensional Tiny Chest


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We are talking about a 32k integer. Its not possble to math it down and set it together at the other side without getting wrong informations!


I already had another idea but that does not work too.

There is only two ways! Make a custom packet for it (i tried but it was wrong and i have no clue how i can do it)

Or forge change Vanilla MC in 1.7 then people limited at the 1.4&1.6 xD


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Hmmm good idea. A question how do i make out of a string a short that can be compiled back to a string and then to a Short again.


When you tell me ideas please read the container Functions and then where they get used.

Also the networkpacket (packet 105) cast the integer to a short. So i have to make a custom packet else i only stay at 32k.



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Die7. i hope its ok that i write your name in this case (easier to write with phone)


Thanks i hope with that i can shrink down a full integer to a short and make it back to a full Integer on the other side.

I am still not good enought in java. But hey i am not old so i still can learn it.

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