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Custom Dragon without Target System


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I'm working on a custom dragon, basically the enderdragon, but one that does not use the same Targeting system. The reason I want to change this is so that a player won't have a dragon that chases them to the ends of the earth and instead stays in one territory. I'm trying to figure out a way to do this without actually negating any of the animation such as flying and turning away upon being hit and so on. Eventually I think I may have to set the Entity up as a normal entity instead of extending the Dragon class so that I can have it using normal mob AI. Anyone have any input as to how to set this up? So far I have not been successful in having the dragon model appear when not extending the Dragon Class.


So I guess my question is this: Does anyone have a good idea on how to change the targeting system for the dragon and how to implement it?


Limiting the dragon only to a certain territory/biome so that he gives up the chase after a certain amount of time?


Also, does anyone know what part of the code allows the dragon to move through blocks?


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