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Hi all!


First a bit of background information.


I am a relatively new modder in the community, but i have been following the modder community for a while now. But the one thing that has always plagued me. Why there is no real central store of mods information and downloads. I mean there is the Technic launcher and the FTB launcher but, they still requires the mods to be placed in multiple locations all over the world to still be downloaded from.


What I Plan To Do About It


I am hoping to create a website and API that will take care of this (kind of like bukkitdev) and finally bring all the mods together in one place. I want to be as modern as possible to and use all the latest standards and stuff like that.


The site will be based off php and will have a brand new feel to it and will host all of the downloads and other fun stuff like that.


The API, on the other hand, will allow launchers to get the mods and run them as they would normally. It will also help modpack developers to easily create their own modpacks (using their launcher specifications (or even a forge implementation :P)) by specifying the mods and versions that they want.


Only one problem, doing things like this require so much more then one person. So that is why I am here, I am requesting some long-term slaveshelpers to help get this project off the ground. I know not everyone here is good with PHP (i am posting into a java forum, after all) but as this is being made for this community, I have a feeling that people will want come along and help the project.


If you would like to help please 1) Sign up for a BitBucket Account and 2) PM me on this forum and/or Bitbucket





PS. This is probably the longest document I have written in a long time. I expect there to errors (both grammatical and spelling). This very much sad as English is my main language. One day I will get there!

PPS. I probably posted this in the wrong forum too. If so, Arrrrgh. :P

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so youre expecting the new launcher youll make to auto download mods ?


seems legit


nothing can go wrong (viruses)




ps: im already working on a solution for that problem...


EDIT: also, whos going to pay for the server that will hold all these mods ?

how to debug 101:http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Debug_101

-hydroflame, author of the forge revolution-

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Kind of,


This site will have a review process (like all upload sites should) and I wont be making a new launcher as such...more of giving the other launcher an option to use the API. The other launcher already have good interfaces for what they do, this is just more of a new backend for them.

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