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Ghost entity, duplicated entity!?!?


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Hello minecraft forum comunity, i`m the developer of the PolkzMod! and i`m having a problem with generating structure with entity inside of it! for example: In the polkz mod, there are wands that when right clicked generates a structure with a boss inside of it! but it generates an "ghost entity", it is an floating entity that you can not attack, it doest attack you, it just stays there, floating


Video spotlight Demonstration:





here is the code





package net.minecraft.src;


import cpw.*;

import cpw.mods.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.client.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.client.modloader.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.client.registry.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.asm.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.asm.transformers.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.discovery.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.discovery.asm.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.functions.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.modloader.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.toposort.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.versioning.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.*;

import cpw.mods.fml.server.*;

import ibxm.*;

import net.*;

import net.minecraft.*;

import net.minecraft.block.*;

import net.minecraft.block.material.*;

import net.minecraft.client.*;

import net.minecraft.client.audio.*;

import net.minecraft.client.entity.*;

import net.minecraft.client.gui.*;

import net.minecraft.client.gui.achievement.*;

import net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.*;

import net.minecraft.client.model.*;

import net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.*;

import net.minecraft.client.particle.*;

import net.minecraft.client.renderer.*;

import net.minecraft.client.renderer.culling.*;

import net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.*;

import net.minecraft.client.renderer.tileentity.*;

import net.minecraft.client.settings.*;

import net.minecraft.command.*;

import net.minecraft.crash.*;

import net.minecraft.creativetab.*;

import net.minecraft.dispenser.*;

import net.minecraft.enchantment.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.ai.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.boss.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.effect.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.item.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.monster.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.passive.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.player.*;

import net.minecraft.entity.projectile.*;

import net.minecraft.inventory.*;

import net.minecraft.item.*;

import net.minecraft.item.crafting.*;

import net.minecraft.nbt.*;

import net.minecraft.network.*;

import net.minecraft.network.packet.*;

import net.minecraft.network.rcon.*;

import net.minecraft.pathfinding.*;

import net.minecraft.potion.*;

import net.minecraft.profiler.*;

import net.minecraft.server.*;

import net.minecraft.server.dedicated.*;

import net.minecraft.server.gui.*;

import net.minecraft.server.integrated.*;

import net.minecraft.server.management.*;

import net.minecraft.src.*;

import net.minecraft.stats.*;

import net.minecraft.tileentity.*;

import net.minecraft.util.*;

import net.minecraft.village.*;

import net.minecraft.world.*;

import net.minecraft.world.biome.*;

import net.minecraft.world.chunk.*;

import net.minecraft.world.chunk.storage.*;

import net.minecraft.world.demo.*;

import net.minecraft.world.gen.*;

import net.minecraft.world.gen.feature.*;

import net.minecraft.world.gen.layer.*;

import net.minecraft.world.gen.structure.*;

import net.minecraft.world.storage.*;

import net.minecraftforge.*;

import net.minecraftforge.classloading.*;

import net.minecraftforge.client.*;

import net.minecraftforge.client.event.*;

import net.minecraftforge.client.event.sound.*;

import net.minecraftforge.common.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.item.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.living.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.minecart.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.player.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.terraingen.*;

import net.minecraftforge.event.world.*;

import net.minecraftforge.oredict.*;

import net.minecraftforge.transformers.*;

import paulscode.*;

import paulscode.sound.*;

import paulscode.sound.codecs.*;


import java.util.Random;

import java.util.List;


public class enderguywand extends BaseMod{


public enderguywand(){}


public static Item block;public void load(){

ModLoader.addRecipe(new ItemStack(block, 1), new Object[]{

    "XX2", "X4X", "6XX", Character.valueOf('2'), new ItemStack(Item.enderPearl, 1), Character.valueOf('4'), new ItemStack(Item.ingotIron, 1), Character.valueOf('6'), new ItemStack(Item.ingotIron, 1),

});ModLoader.addName(block, "Enderguy Wand");}

public String getVersion(){

return "1.0";




block = (new Itemenderguywand(321));




static class Itemenderguywand extends Item{


public Itemenderguywand(int par1){



maxStackSize = 1;





public int getItemEnchantability()


    return 0;


public int getMaxItemUseDuration(ItemStack par1ItemStack)


    return 0;


public float getStrVsBlock(ItemStack par1ItemStack, Block par2Block)


    return 1.0F;


public boolean onItemUse(ItemStack itemStack, EntityPlayer entity, World world, int i, int j, int k, int l, float a, float b, float c){

float var4 = 1.0F;


boolean place = true;



world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+0, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+1, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+1, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+1, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+1, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+1, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+1, k+2, 29, 13, 2);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+1, k+2, 34, 13, 2);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+1, k+2, 1);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+1, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+1, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+1, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+1, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+1, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+1, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+1, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+1, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+1, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+1, k+9, 241);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+1, k+9, 242);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+1, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+2, k+0, 69, 12, 2);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+2, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+2, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+2, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+2, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+2, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+2, k+2, 29, 13, 2);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+2, k+2, 34, 13, 2);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+2, k+2, 1);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+2, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+2, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+2, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+2, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+2, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+2, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+2, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+2, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+2, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+2, k+9, 241);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+2, k+9, 242);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+2, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+3, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+3, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+3, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+3, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+3, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+3, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+3, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+3, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+3, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+3, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+3, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+3, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+3, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+3, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+3, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+3, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+3, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+3, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+4, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+5, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+5, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+5, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+5, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+5, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+5, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+5, k+2, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+5, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+5, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+5, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+5, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+5, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+7, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+9, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+5, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+6, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+3, j+6, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+6, k+1, 49);

world.setBlock(i+1, j+6, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+5, j+6, k+3, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+6, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+6, k+4, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+6, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+6, k+6, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+6, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+6, k+8, 49);

world.setBlock(i+0, j+6, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+2, j+6, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+4, j+6, k+10, 49);

world.setBlock(i+6, j+6, k+10, 49);

Entity sentity0 = EntityList.createEntityByName("enderguy", world);

if (sentity0 != null){

sentity0.setLocationAndAngles(i+4.997772920951803, j+1.0, k+7.5513426149686325, world.rand.nextFloat() * 360F, 0.0F);




if(entity instanceof EntityPlayer)((EntityPlayer)entity).inventory.consumeInventoryItem(enderguywand.block.itemID);

return true;











Please help!!!!

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Holy jesus tits, stop using Mod makers... Makes for horrible code. This is a obvious error to anyone who has delt with mods. Protip: Toss a debug line in you'll see the error straight off.

Either way, gunna guna help anymore until you show you're not using a mod maker :P

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Consider supporting the team on Patreon

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    • SOLVED! I ended up fixing this after a fresh night of sleep and cloning the forge repo and looking through that. I had to add a BiomeModifier class to my mod, see this file here for assistance: MinecraftForge/src/test/java/net/minecraftforge/debug/world/BiomeModifierTest.java at 1.20.1 · MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge (github.com)
    • Hello, I'm creating a mod that should have a classic config file that I create with: ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.COMMON, Config.SPEC); but I want also to have into server config folder more files .yml that I handle from the plugin. How can I create that yaml files?
    • Hi, I've been having a problem with Level 4 enchants on tools and items, it will not let me enchant any weapon or item past level 4, level 3 works on somethings but when I try to enchant it will either not show up in the anvil or when using the /enchant command it will say *item does not support the enchantment. I've tried efficiency 4 on a pickaxe and axe and it will not work.
    • Hello! I am posting since I am at the end of the road in terms of googling this solution and/or pouring through github projects. As the title suggests, I am trying to spawn my custom flower into the overworld into existing biomes, nothing crazy just a flower block spawned into the world. I added an entry into forge/biome_modifier called add_dreamcap_mushroom.json. It is as follows: { "type": "forge:add_features", "biomes": [ , "minecraft:plains", "minecraft:jungle", "minecraft:birch_forest", "minecraft:sparse_jungle", "minecraft:forest" ], "features": "herbalistmod:dreamcap_mushroom_patch", "step": "vegetal_decoration" }   I have a directory worldgen/configured_feature with dreamcap_mushroom_patch.json as follows:   { "type": "minecraft:random_patch", "config": { "feature": { "feature": { "type": "minecraft:simple_block", "config": { "to_place": { "type": "minecraft:simple_state_provider", "state": { "Name": "herbalistmod:dreamcap_mushroom_block" } } } }, "placement": [ { "type": "minecraft:block_predicate_filter", "predicate": { "type": "minecraft:matching_blocks", "blocks": "minecraft:air" } } ] }, "tries": 32, "xz_spread": 7, "y_spread": 3 } }   I have a directory worldgen/placed_feature with dreamcap_mushroom_patch.json as follows: { "feature": "herbalistmod:dreamcap_mushroom_patch", "placement": [ { "type": "minecraft:count", "count": 2 }, { "type": "minecraft:in_square" }, { "type": "minecraft:heightmap", "heightmap": "WORLD_SURFACE_WG" }, { "type": "minecraft:biome" } ] }   As far as I know, these are the only files I need in order to generate blocks, etc into the world, yet despite this I have made tons of worlds searching high and low and my block is nowhere to be found. Am I doing something wrong here or missing something obvious? Thanks in advance!  
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