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[UNSOLVED] Village creation [!HELP!]


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I'm starting to look into creating custom structures myself.

You need two classes:

The Component you are which has to inherit from ComponentVillage.

You will also need a class which implements the IVillageCreationHandler interface.


As for how to do the methods for placing the blocks for the Components addComponentParts() method I'd recommend that you look at the vanilla village houses like the church for example :)



During the initialization of your mod you will need to register the relevant classes.

You need to register the CreationHandler by using the following method:

VillagerRegistry.instance().registerVillageCreationHandler(/*argss here*/);


In 1.6+ you'd also need to tell the MapGenStructureIO about your new component by using it's func_143031_a method with the Component.Class as the first argument and a String with the components name as the 2nd argument.


Except that, all I can tell you is to look at how vanilla structure components behave. Try copying one of them and modifying them and see if you can get the hang of how it all works. I STRONGLY recommend that you read into the involved classes and try to understand how they are meant to work before you start slapping code together :)


Good luck mate! :D



If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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