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I forced closed Minecraft and it caused all the block IDs to mess up.


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I am using 1.12.2, which is unsupported but I can't update to the newest Forge version as about 66% () of all the mods I use stopped being updated after 1.12.2. If it weren't for that, I would.


I haven't touched on this world for a year now and completely forgot what happened. I then remembered what happened. About a year ago or 2, I was playing on my modded 1.12.2 world when Minecraft suddenly stopped responding and I had to force-stop it. Which was a mistake as now when joining the world, it throws this error. (I am using mclo.gs as it formats it better and makes it easier to read). This error I managed to fix this by editing the Minecraft world directly and removing the tileEntity errors, however, another problem arose. That would be blocks being mismatched and not in the correct location.


I did report an issue about the crash on the More Planets Github. This shows images of the scrambled blocks


Anyway to fix this in any way. I need that world back as this is my masterpiece modded survival world. I do not want to lose it. Even though I have touched it in a while, it's still a masterpiece.

Is there anyway I can override the IDs to fix everything. I'll do anything to recover my world.




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Asking if I can override the IDs
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  • jonathanpecany changed the title to I forced closed Minecraft and it caused all the block IDs to mess up.

I managed to fix it. I luckily had a backup from a while back, which isn't current. However, I did something smart. Since that was still working I simply copied the registry from that one and pasted it into the current one and it worked-ish. There are some shader bugs, minor block NBT not loading properly, and some missing blocks. I may be able to fix the NBT ones. Luckily most of them were from the backup and I could copy and paste those.

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