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[AE Add-On]M3ga's ExtraCells v. 1.6.2 SMP + SSP


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This Mod adds 4 bigger StorageCells, many useful Blocks and a whole new Fluid System into Applied Energistics!



1.5.2 OR 1.6.2; latest Forge!; Applied Energistics rv10-n

AE rv14 or rv13 needed for 1.6.2 release, rv14 for 1.5.2 release and everything else for 1.4.7 release!

You can adapt it on http://ae-mod.info/Dev/ or http://ae-mod.info/Downloads/

Java 6 (now really)


The 1.4.7 and 1.5.2 versions are not upwards compatible due to new API's and so on. Don't expect 1.6.2 to 1.7 upwards compatibility because Mojang is refactoring useless width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]


Textures by cyntain, german localization by Vexatos, chinese localization by crafteverywhere, thank you!

By the way, on other sites I am known as M3gaFr3ak, Leonelf and Pwnie2012, so don't accuse people with these names of stealing my identity, that happened lots of times on Twitch.TV!










Regarding ModPacks:


Just PM me for permission width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]



Forge (Client and Server):

If you want to support my work please use the adf.ly Link



MC 1.6.2/1.6.3/1.6.4 (always contains most recent content)

Direct (AdFly)


MC 1.5.2 (may not contain new stuff like the fluid system, port will probably come some time when I am finished with it on 1.6.2)

Direct (AdFly)


MC 1.4.7 (only contains the 4 storage cells, is not compatible with 1.5.2 or 1.6.2 versions because it uses 4 different ID's for the storages due API limitations in 1.4.7)

Direct (AdFly)



Downloads of older Versions


Installation (Client/Server):

  • Install Forge if you haven't done it yet
  • Download ExtraCells
  • Put AE in your mods folder
  • Put ExtraCells in your mods folder
  • Play

Known Bugs:





ExtraCells 1.6.2:

-Fixed NPE in Fluid Terminal


ExtraCells 1.6.1d:

-Fixed Fluid Terminal GUI rendering tooltips UNDER text ôO


ExtraCells 1.6.1c:

-Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsException on the storagebus

-Fixed crash when trying to render fluids w/o texture in certusTank


ExtraCells 1.6.1b:

-NPE Fix


ExtraCells 1.6.1:

-Fixed Bug in FluidCrafter Inventory

-Added check if recipe exists



ExtraCells 1.6.0d

-Fixed NPE on FluidCrafter

-Made FluidCrafter AE14-only (just wnt register in AE13)

-Fixed ID Mapping of FluidVoid


ExtraCells 1.6.0c:

-Added ID Mismatch detector


ExtraCells 1.6.0b:

-Fixed Fluid Interface crash


ExtraCells 1.6.0:

-Fixed blockupdate on levelemitter

-Other bugfixes

-New block: ME Fluid Crafting Chamber, crafts Recipes which contains filled fluidContainers with pure fluid


ExtraCells 1.5.9c:

-Tiny fix on certus tank

-First experiment with fluid crafting, not ingame yet, but greatness awaits (or not)

-Localization fixes


ExtraCells 1.5.9b:

-Fixed rendering glitch on certus tank

-Fixed certus tank sending too many packets

-Fixed storage bus sending too many packets


ExtraCells 1.5.9:

-New Block: Fluid Void

-Fluid Interface now needs power...

-Fixed some other stuff


ExtraCells 1.5.8c:

-Fixed NPE


ExtraCells 1.5.8b:

-Fixed NPE

-Fixed ID problems


ExtraCells 1.5.8:

-Fixed some Certus Tank rendering

-Reduced amount of packets being sent by a 25th

-Fixed NPE on battery

-Fixed NPE on solderingstation

-fixed ae/t imbalance on import bus

-fixed me drive accepting wrong items

-fixed more npes

-added me fluid interface


ExtraCells 1.5.7c:

-Fixed ME Drive accepting all items

-Added try/catch for ID conflict NPE's

-Code Optimization


ExtraCells 1.5.7b:

-Fixed some packet-performance issues on CertusTanks and storage bus

-Fixed ME Backup Battery


ExtraCells 1.5.7:

-Fixed GUI bugs

-Made certus tank work like BC tank


-Fixed NPE


ExtraCells 1.5.6d:

-fixed dupe bug


ExtraCells 1.5.6c:

-Fixed NPE on SolderingStation GUI

-Fixed NPE on Fluid Storage Bus


ExtraCells 1.5.6b:

-Fixed NPE


ExtraCells 1.5.6:

-Major bugfixes in the fluid terminal gui

-fixed NPE in fluid storage bus

-totally new renderer for fluid terminal

-fluid terminal has coloring options

-fluid terminal glows in the dark if active


ExtraCells 1.5.5e:

-Fixed IndexOutOfRange Exception

-Fixed storages needing a second storage to accept more than 1 type of fluids


ExtraCells 1.5.5d:

-Fixed NPE in terminal

-Fixed NPE in transition plane


ExtraCells 1.5.5c:

-Fixed crash on cellcasings

-Fixed colorcrash


ExtraCells 1.5.5b:

-Added searchbar functionality to fluid terminal


ExtraCells 1.5.5:

-New FrontTexture for the FluidTerminal

-New Gui for the FluidTerminal


ExtraCells 1.5.4e:

-Fixed NPE on FluidStorages


ExtraCells 1.5.4d:

-Recoded SolderingStation, so it WORKS!

-Recoded Adjustable ME Storage, so it WORKS!


ExtraCells 1.5.4c:

-Fixed crash in ImportBusGui when clicking the fluidmode button

-Changed fluid storage to save fluid with it NAME, not with its ID

-Added temporary code to restore fluids saved by ID (before this update), will get removed 5 major versions later or so.


ExtraCells 1.5.4b:

-Added tooltips for the Mode Buttons in the GUIs of Import and Export bus

-Added german localization for the fluid transport modes

-Fixed english localizazion of fluid transport modes


ExtraCells 1.5.4:

-Localization for Water and Lava for the FluidAPI (Yep, the fluid api forgot to add a water/lava localization)

-Updated German localization for Lava and Water

-Fixed coordinates of Redstone Mode Button in GUI of Export and Import bus

-Added button to select the ex/import speed for the export and import bus and added different costs.


ExtraCells 1.5.3b:

-Added caching of preformatted fluids

-Added warning message for certain id overrides


ExtraCells 1.5.3:

-Fixed NPE sometimes being caused by other mods

-Performance improvement on fluid storage, caches inventory. adding preformattation caching soon

-Added scrollwheel functionality to the fluid terminal

-Fixed y-fighting on certus tank renderer

-Added version.properties


ExtraCells 1.5.2c:

-Fixed NPE's


ExtraCells 1.5.2b:

-Fixed crash on shiftrightclicking fluid storage


ExtraCells 1.5.2:

-Added ME Fluid Level Emitter

-Fixed some rendering coordinates


ExtraCells 1.5.1d:

-Fixed bug causing fluids to not be drain/fillable in the network


ExtraCells 1.5.1c:

-Fixed FluidDisplayItem being in normal storage cells


ExtraCells 1.5.1b:

-Fixed fatal crash bug


ExtraCells 1.5.1:

-Compatibility for AE 13 and 14

-Fixed IO Port crash

-Java 6 compatibility is back width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]

-fixed coloring

-supply bus beta, not craftable yet, gotta get a fixed inventory


ExtraCells 1.5.0:

-New Recipes for Fluid Storages

-New Items (for fluid storage crafting)


ExtraCells 1.4.9e:

-Fixes the last existing dupeglitch


ExtraCells 1.4.9d:

-StorageBus updating tanks properly now!

-Ported to 1.5.2. No Bugs anymore


ExtraCells 1.4.9c:

-Fixed Dupe Bug



ExtraCells 1.4.9b:


-Fixed tanks not to lose their fluid on chunk reload width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]


ExtraCells 1.4.9:

-Shif-Right-Click the CertusTank to pick it up and keep its fluid!

-fixed NPE


ExtraCells 1.4.8b:

-Rewrite of ExportBus, also fills Machines with multiple Tanks!

-Rewrite of ImportBus, also empties Machines with multiple Tanks!



ExtraCells 1.4.8:

-Fixed Block Display Names...

-Added Priority to StorageBus


ExtraCells 1.4.7b:

-Fixed Bug with Endertank again. ChickenBones, fix yer !


ExtraCells 1.4.7:

-Redstone Modes for the Buses, priority coming soon!

-Utility to register TileEntities from other mods to the SpatialIOPort Whitelist!


ExtraCells 1.4.6:

-Upodated to AE rv14


ExtraCells 1.4.5:

-Added Tank width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]


ExtraCells 1.4.4b:

-Fixed IFluidContainerItem-Bug with export bus


ExtraCells 1.4.4:

-Fixed dupebug origining in 1.4.3

-Made terminal compatible with the superawesome IFluidContainerItem width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]


ExtraCells 1.4.3c:

-Fixed the "Fluids are being voided by import bus"-bug width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]


ExtraCells 1.4.3b:

-Fixed (dupe?) bug

-Endertank works now, but I wasn't to blame width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png[/img]


ExtraCells 1.4.3:

-Probably fixed a Bug!


ExtraCells 1.4.2:

-Added 3D models


ExtraCells 1.4.1:

-Fixed another dupe bug, WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME?!


ExtraCells 1.4.0:

-Fixed horrible dupe bug concerning sided tanks


ExtraCells 1.3.9:

-Added ME Fluid Transition Plane


ExtraCells 1.3.8:

-fixed crash


ExtraCells 1.3.7:

-Import Bus now also connencts to pipes/accepts fluids directly from TiC faucet width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]

ExtraCells 1.3.7:

-Hopefully fixed TC bug


ExtraCells 1.3.6:

-Added shift-click placing of blocks (opposite direction)


ExtraCells 1.3.5:

-Fixed tons of bus


ExtraCells 1.3.4:

-Added PhantomSlots to the buses


ExtraCells 1.3.3:

-Added Filter to Import Bus

-Added Filter to Storage Bus

-Added Export Bus w/ Filter

-Added recipe for basic ME 1k Fluid Storage


ExtraCells 1.3.2:

-Added ME Fluid Storage (No Recipes yet, must be expensive)

-Recoded all Fluid Stuff, much less lagg now


ExtraCells 1.3.1:

-Fixed bug with duplicate tanks in network

-Added support for Railcraft and XYcraft tanks


ExtraCells 1.3.0:

-Fluid Support

-Added ME Fluid Import Bus

-Added ME Fluid Terminal

-Added ME Fluid Storage Bus


ExtraCells 1.2.9:

-Localization support!

-Added Language: German


ExtraCells 1.2.8:

-Added Blast resistant ME Drive


ExtraCells 1.2.7:

-Added ME Backup Battery


ExtraCells 1.2.6:

-Added ME Item Dropper


ExtraCells 1.2.5:

-Added Encryptable Storage Cell

-Added Advanced Storage Cell Housing and CraftingRecipes


ExtraCells 1.2.4:

-Upgraded to MC 1.6.2


ExtraCells 1.2.3:

-Fixed exploit


ExtraCells 1.2.2c:

-Added real Java 6 support


ExtraCells 1.2.2b:

-Added "preformatted" tags to storages


ExtraCells 1.2.2:

-More modes for ME Block Container


ExtraCells 1.2.1d:

-Fixed serious game-crashing Bug


ExtraCells 1.2.1c:

-Fixed Bug

-Adjustable Storage gets nbtdata on Crafting


ExtraCells 1.2.1b:

-Fixed Bug


ExtraCells 1.2.1:

-Craftable Adjustable ME Storage


ExtraCells 1.2.0:

-AppliedEnergistics 11 support

-New format (jar, cuz i use apache ant!)

-jar is now signed

-Adjustable Storage prototype available from creative menu!


ExtraCell 1.1.1b:

-Useless funny GUI for SolderingStation (Will be used for costumizable Cells)


ExtraCells 1.1.1:

-Prototype of SolderingStation (only cratable no functionality)


ExtraCells 1.1.0b:

-Fixed binary math bug (1M Cell had wrong size)


ExtraCells 1.1.0:

-Fixed serious Exploit (make 16m Cells w/ 1k Cell ôO


ExtraCells 1.0.9d:

-Made the ME Block Container Craftable


ExtraCells 1.0.9c:

-Added new Textures; Name Changes


ExtraCells 1.0.9b:

-Added Message


ExtraCells 1.0.9:

-"Redstone in BlockContainer" - bug fixed


ExtraCells 1.0.8:

-Fixed servercrash bug


ExtraCells 1.0.7:

-Fixed another bug


ExtraCells 1.0.6:

-Fixed bug when placing items w/ BlockContainer


ExtraCells 1.0.5:

-Fixed Config Option for ME Iron Chest (WIP, not finished yet)


ExtraCells 1.0.4:

-Added ME Block Container


ExtraCells 1.0.3:

-Updated to Applied Energistics rv10-n-pre2


ExtraCells 1.0.2:

-Changed some packages


ExtraCells 1.0.1:

-Fixed config bug


ExtraCells 1.0.0:

-Started the Mod using Applied Energistics rv10-m



Future Plans:

-More Fluid Stuff

-Other Stuff














Random usage of the ME Item Dropper



Fluid System Trailer:







Look in the wiki:

















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