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[1.20.4] events when player start a new word or respawn after being killed, recipes in the recipe book, add items to villager

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good days 

i have some small questions and i prefer to make only one post 

i wanna give the player a briefcase after creating a new world and enter for first time to it    i guest that's an event for that, what it is this event? 

and the same but when players get killed (if possible only if killed by mobs)  is an event that triggers after the player respawn ??



the recipe book

the book don't shows custom item recipes until player craft them at least one time 

¿ is posible to set some of mi items recipes to be visible in the book even if never crafted before ? 




Villager trades 

i wanna add some things to some villager trades in this case mi custom bow and arrow 

how i do that ?





thanks foir your time

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If you look at the Minecraft wiki, you can see that there already exists one block that unlocks without needing any other blocks, which is the crafting table.

So if you find the file:


You can see that it uses a "unlock_right_away" criteria to do the job.

  "parent": "minecraft:recipes/root",
  "criteria": {
    "has_the_recipe": {
      "conditions": {
        "recipe": "minecraft:crafting_table"
      "trigger": "minecraft:recipe_unlocked"
    "unlock_right_away": {
      "trigger": "minecraft:tick"
  "requirements": [
  "rewards": {
    "recipes": [
  "sends_telemetry_event": false


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