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Modded Server Crash Help

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Have you checked to see if any of the mods in your modpack are purely client side? That can sometimes cause issues, and perhaps it is appearing with a library mod dependency? I'm not fluent in Javascript, so this is the best advice I can offer.

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Thanks for the help, I was hoping it was something I could fix on my end, but after a bit more testing it seems the mod won’t run in a server at all 🥲 just have to hope it gets fixed

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I guess the problem is related to one of the library mods. You're probably experiencing conflicts between mods or dependencies that aren't loading correctly.
Check that all the mods in your modpack are compatible with each other and with the version of the game you are using for the server.
Make sure you are using the latest versions of all mods. Sometimes updates can fix known problems >:)

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