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Can someone tell me what makes this mod fail to load?

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I have a modpack with over 200+ mods, but for some reason this specific mod (Relics: Alex's Mod Compatibility) is failing to load correctly, and I don't know how to tell what causes it to fail. And it just gives me this line of code: "Failure message: RAM-Compat (ramcompat) has failed to load correctly java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/github/alexthe666/alexsmobs/entity/EntityTendonSegment"

but here's the full logs:



could someone help me, thanks

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i removed radium and it worked, i made it into the menu screen. But when i try to create a new world it just freezes, and it doesn't even make it to 0%, it's just blank dirt background screen right after i click create new world, no loading whatsoever. and when i try to force close i am met with an error code that says i need to allocate more memory, however i've already allocated 4gb out of my 8gb ram. 

crash report: https://pastebin.com/DDG4iGNa

i could upload the full logs but it's too large for the pastebin however i could split it, just lmk

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java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.teamabnormals.blueprint.common.remolder.RemoldedResourceManager cannot be cast to class com.finndog.mns.mixins.resources.ReloadableResourceManagerImplAccessor

Possibly an incompatability between nether structures and blueprints. Give it a try without one or the other.

Also I don't think 4GB is very much for a large modpack, but I don't see any out of memory errors in the log.

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