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Can't download Forge for Minecraft

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I was downloading Forge's installer for the latest Minecraft version. The official Forge page led to the familiar "press skip after countdown" ad page I've gone through many times. This time, the "Skip" button just never showed up after the countdown finished. The page for the ad was clearly bugged, because it showed as a blank white page up to the rows of pixels right at the top, where I saw a sliver of the actual page 2 or so inches tall but with the width of the whole page. I tried different versions (1.20.4 latest and 1.20.2 recommended), refreshing, closing the tab and going there again, to no avail. Then this Forum's signup Security Check wouldn't let me through. I rebooted my PC and now it did work just fine. But the download still doesn't (still no Skip button), even after booting my PC. The the ad was seemingly bugged as well, because it showed as a blank white page up to the rows of pixels right at the top, 2 or so inches tall but the width of the whole page. I even manually scrolled down to its bottom and back up, but that didn't fix it either.

I sent a report of the same issue to Adfoc.us, but that led to a page labeled "Just a moment..." that doesn't lead anywhere after 10mins of waiting. Refreshing the page does nothing, and there is no confirmation message in my email. So I don't even know if the report to AdFoc.us went through. I'm stumped.

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On the download page, click the button for "Show all versions", point at the little i next to the Installer link, and use the Direct Download link that pops up.

That should let you download it if you have issues with the adfocus thingy.

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