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TileEntity BlockBounds do not update


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I have a block, with a tileentity, which should rotate when clicked with one of my items. For that I use,

onItemUseFirst from my item. The problem is that if I return true on the client side, the bounds update, but the method isn't called server side, which means that I would have to send a packet, to stay synced. Is there a way to have both sides be called and to update the bounds?


I tried  these two methods, in the onItemUseFirst class

world.markBlockForUpdate(x, y, z);
world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, meta, 3);


The metadata doesn't change and shouldn't.

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If you cancel the action on the client side, I think the answer is no, the vanilla won't call the server.  However you could perhaps send the appropriate Packet15 to the server yourself from the client onItemUseFirst, without all the other unwanted methods that the vanilla calls?  The Packet15 will then trigger onItemUseFirst on the server, just like vanilla?



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