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Gradle dependencies are not installed when building in .jar | 1.16.5


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After I build e my mod in .jar, then when starting minecraft, it gives me an error that the dependency was not found.
In the minecraft log the following is written:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/json/simple/parser/JSONParser
at com.example.examplemod.JsonUtil.getConfig(JsonUtil.java:14)

In build.gradle I have next dependencies:

dependencies {
    minecraft "net.minecraftforge:forge:${minecraft_version}-${forge_version}"
    implementation 'com.googlecode.json-simple:json-simple:1.1.1'

But if I run minecraft from IDE (using the runClient), then these dependencies are installed, and my mod is work.
Please, help me with this problem.

Full build.gradle file

plugins {
    id 'eclipse'
    id 'idea'
    id 'maven-publish'
    id 'net.minecraftforge.gradle' version '[6.0,6.2)'

version = mod_version
group = mod_group_id

base {
    archivesName = mod_id

// Mojang ships Java 17 to end users in 1.18+, so your mod should target Java 17.
java.toolchain.languageVersion = JavaLanguageVersion.of(8)

println "Java: ${System.getProperty 'java.version'}, JVM: ${System.getProperty 'java.vm.version'} (${System.getProperty 'java.vendor'}), Arch: ${System.getProperty 'os.arch'}"
minecraft {

    mappings channel: mapping_channel, version: mapping_version

    copyIdeResources = true

    runs {
        // applies to all the run configs below
        configureEach {
            workingDirectory project.file('run')

            property 'forge.logging.markers', 'REGISTRIES'

            property 'forge.logging.console.level', 'debug'

            mods {
                "${mod_id}" {
                    source sourceSets.main

        client {
            // this block needs to be here for runClient to exist

        server {
            args '--nogui'

        data {
            // example of overriding the workingDirectory set in configureEach above
            workingDirectory project.file('run-data')

            // Specify the modid for data generation, where to output the resulting resource, and where to look for existing resources.
            args '--mod', mod_id, '--all', '--output', file('src/generated/resources/'), '--existing', file('src/main/resources/')

// Include resources generated by data generators.
sourceSets.main.resources { srcDir 'src/generated/resources' }

repositories {


dependencies {
    minecraft "net.minecraftforge:forge:${minecraft_version}-${forge_version}"
    implementation 'com.googlecode.json-simple:json-simple:1.1.1'

tasks.named('processResources', ProcessResources).configure {
    var replaceProperties = [
            minecraft_version: minecraft_version, minecraft_version_range: minecraft_version_range,
            forge_version: forge_version, forge_version_range: forge_version_range,
            loader_version_range: loader_version_range,
            mod_id: mod_id, mod_name: mod_name, mod_license: mod_license, mod_version: mod_version,
            mod_authors: mod_authors, mod_description: mod_description,
    inputs.properties replaceProperties

    filesMatching(['META-INF/mods.toml', 'pack.mcmeta']) {
        expand replaceProperties + [project: project]

tasks.named('jar', Jar).configure {
    manifest {
                'Specification-Title'     : mod_id,
                'Specification-Vendor'    : mod_authors,
                'Specification-Version'   : '1', // We are version 1 of ourselves
                'Implementation-Title'    : project.name,
                'Implementation-Version'  : project.jar.archiveVersion,
                'Implementation-Vendor'   : mod_authors,
                'Implementation-Timestamp': new Date().format("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ")

    finalizedBy 'reobfJar'

//tasks.named('publish').configure {
//    dependsOn 'reobfJar'

publishing {
    publications {
        register('mavenJava', MavenPublication) {
            artifact jar
    repositories {
        maven {
            url "file://${project.projectDir}/mcmodsrepo"

tasks.withType(JavaCompile).configureEach {
    options.encoding = 'UTF-8' // Use the UTF-8 charset for Java compilation


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