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Cottage Witch server won't let us make wool from string

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I have a server that I own with my friend (we use a third-party server site like Akliz), and we play Cottage Witch on there, specifically version 1.16.6 as that's the newest version our server provider can support. We're having a great time, but we noticed a big issue: we can't make wool out of string. We have SO much string, but wool is trickier for us to get. Normally, on every other version of Minecraft we've played, we've been able to make wool from string. I even play a slightly older version of the modpack (1.16.0), and I'm able to make wool out of string and even string out of wool. However, in 1.16.6, we can't. I've looked through all of the mods I could think of (anything with tweak or craft in the name as well as the Create mod, JEI, farmers' mods, etc.), but I can't find anything that might be overriding the recipe. Is there something I'm missing? The recipe won't work with four pieces or even nine pieces of string.

I've looked online for any sort of suggestions from someone else who might have a similar issue, but their issues were other mods that aren't in the Cottage Witch modpack. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you. I just want to make the game enjoyable and relaxing for my friend, and this string/wool issue is getting really annoying in our adventures. I appreciate any tips or ideas. Thanks in advanced!

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Referring to their GitHub, this was fixed in 1.16.7 by adding the recipe via KubeJS


\kubejs\server_scripts\recipes.js, add


    // wool
            'AA ',
            'AA ',
            '   '
        ], {
            A: 'minecraft:string'

If you are not sure how to add it, backup the file before.

Or download the 1.16.7 modpack build and overwrite the recipes.js in your server and the client modpack at \kubejs\server_scripts\

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It took a little bit of fiddling with the server and a reset, but I was able to get the recipe working! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your reply. I sent my friend the instructions and the updated file to update on their end so we can continue our adventures. Thank you again! I hope you have an awesome week! 😄

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