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Found 4 results

  1. I have been following this tutorial for my mod, though I am wondering how I add multiple items in the ModRecipeProvider class. ShapelessRecipeBuilder.shapeless(RecipeCategory.MISC, ModItems.LEMON_JUICE.get(), 4) .requires(ModItems.LEMON.get()) .save(pWriter); I am wanting to add the Glass Bottle to the recipe though I am not sure how. (As seen in the .json file below). { "category": "misc", "ingredients": [ { "item": "droidsancientrelics:lemon" }, { "item": "minecraft:glass_bottle" }, { "item": "minecraft:glass_bottle" }, { "item": "minecraft:glass_bottle" }, { "item": "minecraft:glass_bottle" } ], "result": { "count": 4, "item": "droidsancientrelics:lemon_juice" }, "type": "minecraft:crafting_shapeless" } Would this be easy to perform?
  2. I'm somewhat of a beginner at forge and I'm trying to add custom recipe types to my mod. I've been trying to adapt the solution from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOFbegpYY0k and update it to 1.20.2 with the help of the forge docs without success. Does anyone know anything about creating such behaviour? Any help would be appreciated. My recipe is a simple recipe similar to the legacy smithing recipe, heres a JSON example (the "//" will be replaced with some items): { "type": "magic_overhaul:rune_inscribing", "base": { "item": "//base item" }, "template": { "item": "//template item" }, "output": { "count": 1, "item": "//output item" } } What I'm interested most is how to implement the RecipeSerializer and RecipeType classes within my Recipe class. Here's my current RecipeSerializer: Here's the RecipeType: Please comment if you need any more code fragments.
  3. In 1.19.2 and prior to that, it was possible to create a smelting recipe that produced a stack of more than one result item (e.g. 1 dirt smelts to 2 diamonds) by using the following in the recipe JSON: "result": { "item": "minecraft:diamond", "count": 2 }, This was added by forge, it is not vanilla behaviour (in vanilla you can only say "result": "minecraft:diamond"). After updating to 1.20.2, the above method does not work, and when parsing the JSON file it gives this error: Not a string: {"item":"minecraft:diamond","count":2} I assume this means it is looking for just the string "minecraft:diamond", the only behaviour allowed in vanilla, rather than JSON object that forge used to allow. Is there a new way to replicate the old behaviour in 1.20.2?
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