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i dont know what is cousing this i am creating my own private modpack to play with  a friend but for some reason less then a minute after loading in a world the games freezes becouse my memory is 99% used (the memory i allocated for minecraft to use)


i keep searching in the log but i cant find the couse cen some pls help my find it


i play in minecraft version 1.20.1 and forge version 47.2.32



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cen you be a bit more specific pls

there are many mods in the log mentioned by name does any error mention it or something couse when i search on   repurposed_structures i dont find anything helpfull

cen you tell me which line you say that it might couse the problem?

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The crash says:

Exception caught when registering wandering trader
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "net.minecraft.world.entity.Entity.m_9236_()" because "entity" is null
	at com.telepathicgrunt.repurposedstructures.misc.maptrades.StructureSpecificMaps$TreasureMapForEmeralds.m_213663_(StructureSpecificMaps.java:53) ~[repurposed_structures-7.1.15+1.20.1-forge.jar%23708!/:?]
	at jeresources.collection.TradeList.addMerchantRecipe(TradeList.java:58) ~[JustEnoughResources-1.20.1-!/:]

JustEnoughResources is mentioned, too

Does it work without one of these mods?

Try my Modpack


>>Link to Curseforge<<

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