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Found 8 results

  1. Technical Details: Launcher: Minecraft Legacy Launcher. Version: Yet confused which to play. Edition: Java PC : R5 7600x cpu, Rtx 4070 Gpu And 32 Gb DDR5 Ram. The problem: About the version first, I'm not yet sure which version to choose because of compatibility issues ( with forge, optifine and other mods or shader packs and aternos ). So I need to be sure about that one first. Then, with this set up which I used my life savings on is giving me mere 30 ish FPS and it's even worse when shaders are applied. Lastly, I don't know which settings to apply to not lose any visual experience with also gaining perform boost. If you truly are a experienced player any kind of advice will be appreciated.
  2. Me and my friend were making a modpack to play together, but I can't enter in his world and i can't in mine. When we try, a message saying "Connection Lost Internal Exception: io.netty.handlers.codec.EncoderException: Failed to encode: Can't access registry ResourceKey[minecraftroot A minecr-aftblock]; Can't access registry Resourcekeylminecr aftr oot minecraftblock] Can't access registry ResourceKey[minecraftroot". I'll try to put the log. https://pastebin.com/bRVMqCY4 https://pastebin.com/0Yhz6EWF I couldn't put all into only one paste, so i made two.
  3. i have no idea why but every time i go into battle mode, my skin glitches out, how do i fix this
  4. Completely out of the blue my forge loader is lagging, although at 120 fps. Like when I turn it lags, or hit mobs it lags, or run sometimes although staying at 120 fps. I found another person having a similar problem: But there was no solution I dont think. I tried everything from: 1. Updating my computer 2. Updating/reinstalling forge 3. Testing if allocated memory was problem (if it was low or high or mid nothing changed) 4. Adding various performance mods 5. Deleting most of my profiles if storage was a problem. Really not sure what to do next or if forge is just broken for ever for me now.
  5. Hey dear modding community, i am managing a modded minecraft project for an youtuber where we have ~50 players in average on the 1.12.2 and want to optimize the servers performance. We are currently using Mohist 1.12.2 with the forge version 1.12.2 - and have a huge problem with lags, why we realy want to optimize the server. here is a current list of our installed mod on the server: because we have mohist installed we also tried to use spigot and bukkit optimizations like: We also use spark for tps monitoring and profiled the server for the last 19 days: https://spark.lucko.me/VAtkDh1Uu8 can anyone suggest what we can install/uninstall and/or optimizing settings we could take to make the server much more playable with over 50-80 players.
  6. 21 mods including libraries, plus a few resource packs. Every time I enter a world, it lags, but before it was okay. I don't know what to do, as I removed some mods but it isn't making it less laggy. What can I do?
  7. Hi all! I’ve wondered if anyone else has seen the same problem recently. Since switching some of my mod packs to 1.19, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to allocate WAY more ram to the mod packs to get them to run correctly. Compared to 1.18 where I usually averaged about 8GB of ram for my biggest packs, I’ve found that since moving to 1.19, I’ve needed to allocate up to 12GB to get the mod packs running. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have an explanation as to why? I’ve tried multiple versions of 1.19, and multiple versions of Forge. I’ve tried with optioned, without optifine, and with optifine alternatives like sodium/whatever-the-forge-port-is-called. For me it’s not an issue, as I have a beefy pc (Ryzen 9 7900x, 64GB ddr5, RTX3070, etc), but I would like to make some of my old mod packs still playable on middle-end PCs. Anyone got any insights?
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