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Decompile Exception: 1


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Hello, I am trying to install Minecraft Forge for 1.6.4 so I can mod, but I keep getting this error:



== MCP 8.09 (data: 8.11, client: 1.6.4, server: 1.6.4) ==

"scalac" is not found on the PATH.  Scala files will not be recompiled

# found ff, ff patches, srgs, name csvs, doc csvs, param csvs, astyle, astyle co

nfig, rg, ss

== Decompiling client using fernflower ==

> Creating SRGs

> Applying SpecialSource

Stripping META-INF from jars\versions\1.6.4\1.6.4.jar




> Compiling AccessTransformer

> Compiling MCPMerger

> Running MCPMerger

> Running AccessTransformer

    Forge config detected

> Really Applying SpecialSource

> Applying MCInjector

> Filtering classes

> Decompiling

> Unpacking jar

> Copying sources

> Applying fernflower fixes


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:\Users\JECompton\Desktop\Minecraft Modding\More Ores Mod\forge-1.6.4-9

.11.1.965-src\forge\mcp\runtime\decompile.py", line 136, in decompile

    keep_lvt=keep_lvt, keep_generics=keep_generics, force_rg=force_rg)

  File "C:\Users\JECompton\Desktop\Minecraft Modding\More Ores Mod\forge-1.6.4-9

.11.1.965-src\forge\mcp\runtime\mcp.py", line 55, in decompile_side


  File "C:\Users\JECompton\Desktop\Minecraft Modding\More Ores Mod\forge-1.6.4-9

.11.1.965-src\forge\mcp\runtime\commands.py", line 1239, in process_fffixes


  File "C:\Users\JECompton\Desktop\Minecraft Modding\More Ores Mod\forge-1.6.4-9

.11.1.965-src\forge\mcp\runtime\pylibs\fffix.py", line 59, in fffix


  File "C:\Users\JECompton\Desktop\Minecraft Modding\More Ores Mod\forge-1.6.4-9

.11.1.965-src\forge\mcp\runtime\pylibs\fffix.py", line 158, in _process_file

    shutil.move(tmp_file, src_file)

  File "shutil.pyc", line 300, in move

WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being

used by another process: 'src\\minecraft\\net\\minecraft\\client\\renderer\\Rend


Decompile Exception: 1




I am using 1.6.4-Recommended Src

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