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Testing an ore genereator?

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A thing i tried (what is a little bit risk if you have a week pc like me) add a command that digh out a whole chunk for you (everything but not ores) so you can see difference between biomes and how much your ores get generated and the vannilla ores are got generated. By the way use a extra thread for it. But this is kind of a expert version of Orefinding (in my opinien)

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1.) Set the hardness to 2000000 or whatever obsidian is set to.

2.) Dig a hole straight down.

3.) Spawn in TNT to fill said hole.

4.) Light it up.

5.) Repeat steps 3 & 4.


I do this to also test spawning frequency as well.


Could also try replacing the mob spawns with EntityTNTPrimed and let the mobs blow everything up for you.

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