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Changing Minecraft's core mechanics


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So I'd like to make some changes to how certain things work.  For instance, one of the major things I went over in the last two months with some help from this forum was how to render a new custom fluid, customizing all the effects such as how the fluid looks while inside of it, how monsters respond to it, etc.  I created a fluid called "sludge" which is basically like green water, but it is needed for certain crops to grow.  Now, if I used Material.water, then it behaves exactly like water and I can't make it behave like I want.  If I try adding a custom fluid the Forge way, it might behave like a fluid in some ways, but I can't get things like custom drip colors, custom fog rendering, custom sunset recoloring, and so forth.  The only way I could get it to work was to add my own fluid at the base class level.  But, I cannot get it to work outside of the Eclipse IDE -- from what I've read, you can't *actually* change core Minecraft mechanics because they... I don't know, reset?


I know what 99% of the people who might read this is going to say... don't edit base classes.  I am aware of the perils of that when it comes to making a mod work with others, but the mod I'm working on will be an all-in-one mod for myself and some friends, so I can't even begin to care about that as a problem.  Is it at all possible to make this happen?  There's a lot about the game that I'd like to tweak and have fun with to bring an extra dimension of fun, so I can squeeze another year or so out of Minecraft before it gets too old hat.


Thanks and have a great evening.

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