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[1.7.2/1.6.4] More Vanilla Recipes


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Welcome to the More Vanilla Recipes Mod!

My Mod in Video Form!


I know that there are tons of these types of mods out there already, but I think mine should stand out for one thing...


Plank Dying!

width=247 height=133http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/561bf864-8d05-48c7-942e-ee5b5a5e4929/00000087.png[/img]

Have you ever had the situation where you were building something and you ran out of the kind of planks you were building with, but you had a surplus of another kind of them? Well, you can turn those into the planks you need with my new recipes! Just follow the image above, changing the plank color to the ones you have a surplus of, put the sapling of the color planks you want them to be in the center, and now you have the same amount of planks you put in, now in the color you want. (Currently, you can only do it with all of the same color, and that's because when I tried to implement it so you could use any planks, so long as none of them were the same color you were trying to dye, it made Minecraft poop on me (it was really gross). I tried multiple other ways, but it didn't get any better. If you guys want to help, source code link is below)


Other recipes include:


width=246 height=137http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/8e5cadba-36c7-4cc8-a08e-db25bb257999/00000088.png[/img]

Sandstone to sand!

We all know the recipe of 4 sand gets you sandstone, but it would be nice if that could be reversed. Well, now it can. Works with all 3 types of sandstone.


width=243 height=135http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/7d50eb9b-7eb3-4c5a-bd34-f1911a33ba48/00000089.png[/img]

Sticks to planks!

Sometimes you make too many sticks, and wish you could make them back into planks. Well, (again), now you can. Turns them back into oak wood planks.


width=243 height=133http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/95ab048b-cdc8-4bd3-8fb5-ec6f64b842ae/00000090.png[/img]

Saplings to vines!

Sometimes you break vines and wish you wouldn't have. Well, you can get them back by putting three of any kind of sapling anywhere in your crafting table, and you get 3 vines, which is used in my next recipe!


width=242 height=131http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/49429d45-80a7-42cf-9865-6c25e8355576/00000091.png[/img]

Mossy Cobblestone!

If you follow the recipe above, you can make mossy cobblestone, which is great if you want to obtain some and you're scared to death of every night creature (like me).


width=243 height=135http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/82980ad7-3e38-4f85-bf13-4aaeb51c5ef3/00000092.png[/img]


Finally, the saddle recipe. Yes, Dinnerbone said that he won't add a saddle recipe to Minecraft because it makes you go to dungeons and temples to find them. Well I don't know about you, but when I find a horse, I don't think, "Let's go find a dungeon or temple so I can get a saddle!" I think "Boy, I wish I could just craft one." Well myself, you made your own dreams come true.


Added in v1.1:

width=242 height=134http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Recipes/media/77f8eacb-adac-459e-bbbf-423711291dbc/00000103.png[/img]

Spawn Eggs!

You can now craft spawn eggs in this format. If entities drop more than one thing (most of the time), then use half of each. All recipes are here.


width=243 height=131http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/6f559265-f23d-43f4-bb33-98fb3b59711c/00000127.png[/img]

Name Tag!

Again, I know that Dinnerbone said that he wanted more loot for people to go get, but in reality, I'm a wuss, and I know that there are others out there, so here you go. You're welcome.


width=243 height=129http://content.screencast.com/users/Parker_Young/folders/Jing/media/d3a70e36-ceb5-4a53-8c74-54e4e925d927/00000128.png[/img]


I like the looks of them, and I know others do as well, so here you go. There are NOT recipes for Wither Skulls, and the Player skull, mostly because I couldn't come up with a player skull recipe. For Zombies, use rotten flesh, and for creepers, use gunpowder.



v1.1 (for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4)

+Added Spawn Egg Recipes

+Added Name Tag Recipe

+Added Head Recipes


v1.0.1 (for Minecraft 1.6.4)

*Fixed trying to create recipes with 1.7 saplings.


v1.0 (for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4)

+Added Sandstone to Sand recipe

+Added Sticks to Planks recipe

+Added Plank Dying recipes

+Added Saplings to Vines recipe

+Added Mossy Cobblestone recipe

+Added Saddle recipe



1.7.2 (direct)

1.6.4 (direct)

(using the adf.ly links only counts as helping me if you have it whitelisted in your ADBLOCKER)



1.) Download the recommended version of Forge for your version.

2.) Double-click on the downloaded file.

3.) Make sure "Install Client" is selected, and click "OK"

4.) When it's done, click "OK"

5.) Navigate to your minecraft folder (which are as follows)

Windows (Vista+): Go to Start, and in the search bar, type %appdata% and hit enter. Click on .minecraft

Mac: Navigate to /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/minecraft

6.) Open up (or create) your "mods" folder.

7.) Drag my mod (and any others you're going to use) in that folder.

8.) Close the window and play Minecraft.


Source Code:

How to Clone Git Repositories to Eclipse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkQZRk-twmc

I like being able to give you modders out there reference code whenever I make mods, so I've created a GitHub page with the code. THIS IS ALSO MY BUG TRACKER. So all non-modders, this is where you go to report bugs.



Q: Dude, you realize that there are tons of mods like this out there, right?

A: Yea, but I think mine will stand out because of the plank dying, as I haven't seen a mod that does it like me yet. (Link me to one if I'm wrong)


Q: I found a bug. Where should I report it?

A: On my GitHub issues tracker (link above).


Q: Why can't I use multiple planks to dye all one color at the same time?

A: When I tried it implement that, Minecraft pooped on me (you don't want to see it; it was pretty gross). I tried to do it other ways, but it didn't work.


Q: Why not just type out all the recipes for that by hand?

A: Because I would have to type out EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE combination. If someone would like to do it for me, then make it a Pull Request on my GitHub page, and I'll gladly merge it.


Q: Where did this idea come from?

A: I was talking in class about how I hated that there wasn't a recipe for Sandstone to Sand, and people around me said "Yea, I wish there was ___ also!" Then, someone pointed out that I know Java and have made Minecraft mods before. This mod was born that moment.


Q: How long did it take you to make this?

A: I basically wrote everything in one day, but delayed it two days because I was experimenting with the "Any kind of planks" thing above.


Q: Can I put this in a video?

A: You are free to put this in a video while following the guidelines below (in the licenses section)


Q: Can I alter your code and make it my own mod?

A: You are free to do so as long as you follow the license below


Q: What if my question wasn't answered anywhere on this post?

A: Look in the Contact Me section below.


Q: Could you make a Non-Forge version?

A: I would HIGHLY recommend using Forge, but if there is enough demand, I guess I'll make one.



A: Because you asked a question that was answered somewhere in this post. Read.



The mod is released under the Standard Minecraft Mod License, which you can read in full here, but in short:


1.) I'm not liable for anything that happens on your computer that may have to do with my mod.

2.) You are to use this with a legitimately bought Minecraft.

3.) The mod may only be distributed from where I say so (from my personal Dropbox). Anyone else who re-uploaded my mod somewhere else without my permission is in violation of this license and I may strike it down.

4.) You can do whatever you want with the code that is provided in the form of the compiled mod in your personal practices, but if you would like to make it public, contact me first.


The Decomplied source code is provided under the GPL v2 license, which in short states:


As long as you make any re-releases available as Open Source under the GPL v2 or newer, include the original license and copyright information with your release, and state all significant changes you have made to it, you can do anything with this source code BUT hold me liable for ANYTHING, or grant ANY kind of sublicensing.


(This only applies if you download my source code and alter ITSELF. Not if you download it for reference for your own mod)



Obviously, I don't have that many restrictions, as censoring free advertising is not good for my public image. All I ask is:

If you are doing a dedicated mod spotlight:

1.) Include the name of my mod in the title and/or the description

2.) Include a link to this page in the description

If you are doing a Minecraft Lets Play that includes my mod:

1.) Include the name of my mod in the description


Boom! Legal stuff over.


Contact Me:

MinecraftForum PM

MinecraftForge PM



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This mod completely negates reality.

I like it.


On a gameplay side, if a player have lots of a type of wood(like jungle) they probably have loads of saplings for jungle wood. The saddle is a bit unneccasary, i found two in my first dungeon and never had any trouble with them. Unless your on SMP i don't see the point.

And Sandstone to sand has no purpose. Most people keep their sandstone as sand and craft as they need. This is only useful for storage (which is cheap in minecraft and thank god, if i needed more than wood for a chest i'd never have enough space), because you never build with sandstone.

Communication is a vital tool, in the game industry you won't go anywhere without it. People are either going to learn to talk, or move on.

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just thoughts from someone who plays MC.


Usually stuff like this changes recipes to be more realistic, but i like the everything undoable idea.

Now if only i could craft a creeper spawner...

Communication is a vital tool, in the game industry you won't go anywhere without it. People are either going to learn to talk, or move on.

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I did the wood recipes because I've had the problem where I travel everywhere in my worlds, and make my house in a biome with a certain kind of tree, and I come back home with another type, and because of my OCD, they have to be the same color. That's where the first comes in. Also, there have been times where I've had lots of Sandstone, but not enough sand (mostly for smelting), so that's that one. I did the saddle one because I don't find very many dungeons or temples when I play (mostly because I like cowering in my own home), so I liked that. Also, maybe you could craft a spawn egg with a lot of resources...that's a good idea. I'll look into it.


Also, thank you for the non-jerkish feedback. I really appreciate it.

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the mossy stone recipe is a really good idea.


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