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[1.6.4] How to set custom colors for a custom armor?


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I want to set a custom color for my custom armor, not the item, i'm refering to the texture which renders over the player.


I know how to set a custom color to the item:


public boolean hasColor(ItemStack par1ItemStack)
	return true;

public int getColor(ItemStack par1ItemStack)
	return 16711680;


I've also seen inside of the RenderBiped.class that the color is only got for the items which are a instace of ItemArmor:


    protected int func_130006_a(EntityLiving par1EntityLiving, int par2, float par3)
        ItemStack itemstack = par1EntityLiving.func_130225_q(3 - par2);

        if (itemstack != null)
            Item item = itemstack.getItem();

            if (item instanceof ItemArmor)
                ItemArmor itemarmor = (ItemArmor)item;
                this.bindTexture(getArmorResource(par1EntityLiving, itemstack, par2, null));
                ModelBiped modelbiped = par2 == 2 ? this.field_82425_h : this.field_82423_g;
                modelbiped.bipedHead.showModel = par2 == 0;
                modelbiped.bipedHeadwear.showModel = par2 == 0;
                modelbiped.bipedBody.showModel = par2 == 1 || par2 == 2;
                modelbiped.bipedRightArm.showModel = par2 == 1;
                modelbiped.bipedLeftArm.showModel = par2 == 1;
                modelbiped.bipedRightLeg.showModel = par2 == 2 || par2 == 3;
                modelbiped.bipedLeftLeg.showModel = par2 == 2 || par2 == 3;
                modelbiped = ForgeHooksClient.getArmorModel(par1EntityLiving, itemstack, par2, modelbiped);
                modelbiped.onGround = this.mainModel.onGround;
                modelbiped.isRiding = this.mainModel.isRiding;
                modelbiped.isChild = this.mainModel.isChild;
                float f1 = 1.0F;

                //Move out of if to allow for more then just CLOTH to have color
                int j = itemarmor.getColor(itemstack);
                if (j != -1)
                    float f2 = (float)(j >> 16 & 255) / 255.0F;
                    float f3 = (float)(j >> 8 & 255) / 255.0F;
                    float f4 = (float)(j & 255) / 255.0F;
                    GL11.glColor3f(f1 * f2, f1 * f3, f1 * f4);

                    if (itemstack.isItemEnchanted())
                        return 31;

                    return 16;

                GL11.glColor3f(f1, f1, f1);

                if (itemstack.isItemEnchanted())
                    return 15;

                return 1;

        return -1;


So i don't know how to set a custom color to the armor texture.



Well, knowing this: Is there any way to set a custom color to the texture of a custom armor?


I hope you could understand me and thanks for helping.

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And it's not easy.


Take a look at how vanilla handles dyed leather armor.


You can also take a look at this class (1.7.2) or this class (1.6.4).


The absolutely most important thing to understand is:


Vanilla color multiplies a "base" armor texture, then renders a second overlay texture.  If the second texture is not transparent, then the colored bits won't show through.

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