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Can't see the forge folder!


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Hi everyone,

I have been going over the multitude of different tools to see what seems best so i can start learning to mod.

From various sources i keep seeing Forge popup, so i decided to see what happens.


I have a clean MC.jar and new MCP extraction. The bin, the resources and the server jar are all in the jars folder. I am using javaSDK 1.7. and have downloaded minecraftforge-universal-

After following the instructions on the wiki and a couple of threads here just before joining, i believe i am supposed to see a folder called forge in the MCP folder. This folder is not here. After half a dozen attempts, i explored (7-zip) the forge zip file and can't see it in there either. All i can see is the cpw, ibxm, net and paulscode folders alongside a whole bunch of class and txt files. I read the README-fml.txt but that didn't help me.

The second point is that i can't see the install.cmd/.sh.

Although everything is clean now for this setup, i know things were working testerday because i had MCP running through eclipse.

I am sure i have missed something some where, but can't see for looking.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



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You downloaded the universal version. The forge folder is in the Source version of forge. You can find it next to the universal verison. Put the Forge folder that you downloaded in mcp (next to jars, etc.). In this forge folder you will find the install script.

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;D, i normaly leave joining a forum untill i have tried everything i can read, i never have been good at asking for help.

This time round i slipped up and made a stupid mistake, i guess in 2 or 3 days of trying i would have possibly realised my error and corrected it as i kicked myself. Glad i did ask though, fast and speedy response. I upped your karma a notch (no mc pun intended)

thanks again!

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