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[1.7.2] cancel crafting event when crafting specefic item


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hello everyone.

i can't find a way to "stop" a player from crafting a specific item when they not shall be able to make it


to say it more deeply i have a boolean that normal say false but for some player it says true and i try to stop the player with the boolean = true from crafting some items


i already tryed ItemCraftedEvent where i cancel the event but i crash when i do that

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Removing a recipe is easy CraftingManager.getInstance().getRecipeList().removeAt();

only removing a recipe per player is hard.

yea that's why i wanna just cancel when they craft the item because the Boolean that can be true for some players can also turn false.

just so you now what i'm working on (may help)

i'm working on a new Vampire Mod and i'm currently adding a Holy Ingot that i don't wan't the vampires to craft and there is also some items that i'm thinking too add that i wan't only the vampires to be able too craft.


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Ok guys, I'm gonna save you.

Make a new class that implements


. Add a private field holding another IRecipe and add a constructor that fills that field.

Then delegate all methods you need to implement from IRecipe to the wrapped IRecipe instance.

Except in the matches method you also check for your additional condition. Now, how to get the player that is crafting? Here is the tricky part:

First, get the Container from the InventoryCrafting. You can do that, by accessing the private field "eventHandler" in the InventoryCrafting class (via reflection). Now, this Container can be various types. ContainerSheep (Yes, that exists), ContainerCrafting or ContainerPlayer. Possibly even others for automated crafting of some mods. But we only care about ContainerWorkbench (=>Workbench) or ContainerPlayer (=>Crafting grid in the inventory).

Now for ContainerPlayer we need to access the protected field player, we don't even need reflection for that if we absolutely want, it would be sufficient to make a uniquely named class in the net.minecraft.inventory package.


For ContainerWorkbench we need even more trickery. The first Slot in a ContainerWorkbench is a SlotCrafting. We get that with the getSlot method from the container and an appropriate cast. Then in the SlotCrafting we have a private field thePlayer which we access via reflection again.


Voila: We successfully got the player doing the crafting. :)


Edit: I almost forgot. Now, in your postInit or whatever iterate through all recipes, find the one you want and replace it with your custom version, wrapping the old one.


love you for this post +1000

I'm always happy to help others!


Java is not my main programming language but I have alot experience in PHP/HTML/JS/CSS3/C#/SQL

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