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[1.7.2]Molecular Science[WIP]


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Added steam distillery tutorial.


Molecular Science.

Probably the first mod I'm making and also going to release.




What is Molecular Science\What am I trying to accomplish with this mod?

Well I'm trying to accomplish adding allot of real-life things Molecules, Atoms, how you refine ores and so on.

What I'm also trying to accomplish is a whole different way of multi-block structures not just a fixed 3x3 or 6x6.

Build the structure to your needs and see what works best with trail and error.







Building a Steam distillery to get pine Oil(Lots of images):



Okay so first lets gather our items:

1. Netherrack, we need a constant heat source so fire will do great.

2. Flint and steel, does this need explaination?

3. Fast HeatConductant to conduct some heat.

4. Water, a steam distillery requires water ofcourse.

5. Insulator, insulator blocks the heat.

6. Pistons and some redstone stuff(to be replaced by items from the mod itself).



Lets first dig a hole 10 x 11 x 2 and place some netherack on the bottom and light it.



Okay lets start building the base of our boiler.


The faint red/dark stuff are the heat conductants they're red because fire heats them to a max of 200 degrees celcius

Then a row of pistons to push in the spruce/pine wood and a second row so we can refill the pine wood.



Okay so now for the water mechanism:



Oooh we're nearly done now!

finally some heat conductants to cool the steam and a tank to save our pineoil!

Look at this badass

the missing texture blocks are insulators



Badass working:


The product:


OMG but those are blocks?


I'm using blocks instead of water like stuff. I think wierd moving blocks are better and they're still doing their job well.

If you have a problem with blocks. Then simply don't play :)














Whoops nothing here I guess






Anyone can use my mod in anymod pack private and public don't pm me about it you will be ignored or I will reply with no.

Just make sure you'll give credit to me.







Greetings Stijnhero ps: check my github for mod progression: https://github.com/stijnhero/molecularscience


This mod was made possible by the kind folks of modder support

Especially Diesieben07 and Draco18s Thanks for all the help!

I'm always happy to help others!


Java is not my main programming language but I have alot experience in PHP/HTML/JS/CSS3/C#/SQL

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