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Classpath loading of mods


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I am trying to get loading mods from the classpath to work, with the end goal being having a central mods folder for MultiMC. I'm using CodeChickenCore, NEI and Waila for testing. I have tried both in a dev environment (adding the mods to the eclipse classpath) (http://pastebin.com/9f3pgZE4) and from in MultiMC (http://pastebin.com/fuenZX0y), both give similar results (Waila is loaded, CCC and NEI aren't, so Waila complains about missing dependency).


Is it because CCC and NEI are coremods? When asking on #minecraftforge the best answer I got was to parse for the METAINF information and give it to FML using -Dfml.coreMods.load, this would be far from ideal and I really hope there is some other way.



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There are several reasons it's wrong/annoying, the main one being duplicated files.


Is this (classpath loading of coremods) something that will be resolved at some point or will they always have to be either put in -Dfml.coreMods.load or the mods/ folder?

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It may be addressed in the future, however, it's not that big of a priority right now.

Coremods will be getting quite a bit of a overhaul sometime in the near future. But not right now.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Is it possible that coremods loaded using fml.coreMods.load aren't given the possibility to fetch dependencies? I tried adding CodeChickenCore, but it didn't fetch CodeChickenLib on startup, and then of course complains about it not being available.

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