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Mob labels 1.7.2


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Back in the day of 1.6.4, I used to use this code inside the render file


protected void renderLabel(EntityLiving entityLiving, double par2, double par4, double par6) {
	int distanceToEntity = 20;
	this.renderLabel(entityLiving, EnumChatFormatting.DARK_RED + "Corrupted Creeper Steve", par2, par4, par6, distanceToEntity);
	par4 += (double)((float)this.getFontRendererFromRenderManager().FONT_HEIGHT * 1.15F * par6);


And now I'm wondering what is the replacement? I know of the ENTITY.setCustomTagName("NAME"); But I find that only works when you hold your cursor over the mob! So again.. What has it been changed too?

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