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Odd crash on launch (Running latest recommended of everything)

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So, I just finished getting my 1.7.2 configuration of mods set up, and upon launching I got a rather strange error (at least from what I've seen). I've already looked around, I haven't found anything on this particular error, so I figured I'd ask about it here. I have the logs here and here.


As of right now, I'm using 22 different mods (not counting core/utils mods, which are installed):

- Doom-like Dungeons

- Slime Dungeons

- ChickenShed

- Extended Workbench

- Deconstruction Table

- Archimedes Ships

- Backpacks (Brad16480's version)

- BetterChests

- BiblioCraft

- Botania

- Chisel

- Extra Uses

- Flan's Mod (no content packs installed, currently)

- MedicCraft

- MineChess

- OresPlus

- Stuff Worth Throwing

- Reciper

- Sweet Tea!

- Thaumcraft 4

- Village Taverns

- Warp Book

All of these can be found through this page fairly easily. (I also previously had AE2 and Extra Cells 2 installed, but removed them to see if they were the cause; they weren't.)

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No, actually, that's the version number for BiblioCraft. 1.6.3 is for 1.7.2. (I just checked.)


There is no version of BiblioCraft for 1.6.3, given 1.6.3 wasn't actually publicly released (excluding snapshots; in stable releases they jumped from 1.6.2 to 1.6.4).


(Even if it was BiblioCraft for 1.6, it'd throw a different error.)

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I am 99.99% sure that all of them are up-to-date. Every mod I grabbed had a 1.7.2 version (though to be fair it's possible I might've accidentally downloaded the 1.6.4 version). But I'll take a quick look.


EDIT: Okay, looks like you were right. Stuff Worth Throwing wasn't actually up-to-date (despite being labeled that way). Removed it, game runs fine now. And next time I'll pay more attention. :\

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