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PlasticCraft was ben up data to 1.3.2


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PlasticCraft was ben up data to 1.3.2 :) but it need mod loder and mp and forge i trid to install it but it whont work  :( can i get some help

to get  PlasticCraf go to http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/119361-132-tehkrushs-mods-timber-updated/ this is my crash-report



---- Minecraft Crash Report ----

// Don't be sad, have a hug! <3


Time: 9/2/12 5:59 PM

Description: Unexpected error


java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ModLoader.clientConnect(Lasv;Lcs;)V

at asv.a(NetClientHandler.java:160)

at cs.a(SourceFile:71)

at ba.b(MemoryConnection.java:75)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.l(Minecraft.java:1797)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(Minecraft.java:834)

at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:764)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


Relevant Details:

- Minecraft Version: 1.3.2

- Operating System: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1

- Java Version: 1.6.0_31, Sun Microsystems Inc.

- Java VM Version: Java HotSpot Client VM (mixed mode), Sun Microsystems Inc.

- Memory: 81051976 bytes (77 MB) / 171372544 bytes (163 MB) up to 1037959168 bytes (989 MB)

- JVM Flags: 1 total; -Xmx1024m

- FML: FML v3.0.171.348 Minecraft Forge 10 mods loaded, 10 mods active

FML [Forge Mod Loader] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

Forge [Minecraft Forge] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

mod_CodeChickenCore [CodeChicken Core] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

mod_NotEnoughItems [Not Enough Items] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

mod_ModLoaderMp [mod_ModLoaderMp] (minecraft.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

Forestry [Forestry for Minecraft] (forestry-A- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

UniversalElectricity [universal Electricity] (UniversalElectricity_v0.5.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

ICBM [iCBM] (ICBM_v0.5.1.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

IronChest [iron Chest] (mod_ironchests-client- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

SecretRoomsMod [The SecretRoomsMod] (SecretRooms-Forge-latest.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available->Available->Available

- LWJGL: 2.4.2

- OpenGL: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430/integrated/SSE2 GL version 2.1.2, NVIDIA Corporation

- Is Modded: Definitely; 'forge,fml'

- Type: Client

- Texture Pack: Default

- Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)

- World MpServer Entities: 1 total; [atg['Player'/294, l='MpServer', x=8.50, y=66.62, z=8.50]]

- World MpServer Players: 1 total; [atg['Player'/294, l='MpServer', x=8.50, y=66.62, z=8.50]]

- World MpServer Chunk Stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 0

- Forced Entities: 1 total; [atg['Player'/294, l='MpServer', x=8.50, y=66.62, z=8.50]]

- Retry Entities: 0 total; []

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You have installed ModLoader and Forge. Reinstall JUST forge.

Oh and, ModLoaderMP too.

By the way, are you using AtomicStryker's update or TehKrush's version?

PlasticCraft is still on 1.1 last I checked.

Read the EAQ before posting! OR ELSE!


This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




Don't PM me, I don't check this account unless I have to.

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