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Why has Forge been released so much slower since the new Client?

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There are a few reasons, 1) mojang screwed the pooch a bit in the 1.7 versions 1) hitting with a really painful 1.7.2 witht he ID switch, and 2) Just screwing things up causing a slew of MC releases {.3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9} And with each release it's a pain in the ass to update as we have to fixup all the mappings.


2) Modders are getting slower and slower to update because they are getting annoyed at Mojang's 'BREAK ALL THE THINGS' approach to developing Minecraft. I'm hoping that providing them with a stable target Forge wise for the lest few months has allows them ALL to move past 1.6.4. As the 1.7 change with the ID system is HUGELY important


3) The changes Mojang has done for .3-.9 are rather unimportant, a few bug fixes and twitch support. Realms changes are the bulk of those updates, but you can't mod realms, so who cares?


4) The delay right now is two fold 1) <Private info> and 2) Waiting on other people to finish projects that I really want to push out to the modding community to use, namely bspkrs, and profmobiou's work on MCPBot to support snapshotting the community mappings allowing modders to update and rename minecraft easier. A project that we've got all of our end finished just need to data to feed into it. {Prof/bspkrs end}


Bah, im ranting to rant I guess.


And seriously Modders if you're STILL on 1.6.4 UPDATE seriously. If your mod is gunna die on any mc version die on 1.7.2 because it makes forweard porting the worlds so much easier.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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