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forge server questions


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ok am not retyping again and have this forums delete it.


are there any mods that will do what citizens did for bukkit so i can set up sentries around my towns to protect my players


are there any mods like shopkeepers for bukkit so i can place npc shops and player run shops


and is there any mods that will add to the backpack.


I ran a craftbukkit server for 3 years.


Found forge and twilight forest and fell i love ty for your help

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crap cant get mcpc to work all the videos are for 1.6.4 and have no bearing on 1.7.2 they point to a .jar to run but when

i open the file there is no .jar file at all for the launcher to point to

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ty sm so far.  that jarfix worked perfectly.


ok i can get the installer to work but it stops at downloading the libraries.  there is a whole list of files its unable

to download.  obviously this has worked in the past for others.  something ime doing wrong lol.  would it be better to download the 1.6.4 then

install the 1.7.2 over that mcpc. 


I am so thankfull for the help you have given so far


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ok here is what i did.  Reinstalled windows 7 Worked fine.

shut down and installed some pluggins  worked fine. 

Shut server down turned back on and now deleted craftbukkit.jar file everytime it stats up

then says it cant find craftbukkit.jar.  Thought ok I will redownload the files and try that way just start new server.

nope wont even make a craftbukkit.jar file and then crashes saying it cant fine the craftbukkit.jar.


using the startserver.bat file that came with the video that is posted

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